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Sports bras are a very important purchase for female runners, and it’s also a very personal preference item as well. We all know what a BAD sports bra feels like, (sometimes almost immediately,) and sometimes with lasting aftereffects, (OUCH, chafing in the shower!) So finding a company like Lume Six, a small, women-owned business, is like finding a diamond in a junk yard.

Lume Six sells beautiful sports bras that are functional, comfortable, and cute. Because it’s a woman who founded this company due to her experiences wearing uncomfortable sports bras in an active lifestyle, I was already on board to stand behind that before I’d even tried the bra on. Sorry boys, but women GET IT and experience this on a daily basis. Lucky for us, the Alta Medium and Cirra High Impact Sports Bras lived up to our expectations.

We received both and loved the designs immediately. The bras are soft, lightweight, and very simple. “Simple” is a big compliment in my book because I hate a lot of fancy hooks and hardwear on my bras. The simpler the better, so long as the bra is also supportive. I loved the raw edges of this bra, meaning it didn’t have a lot of seams or itchy parts on it to get in my way.

The bra felt so light when I unpackaged it, I was concerned that it wouldn’t be supportive enough for a run. However, though it was labeled  a “medium impact” bra, (rather my usual “high impact” standard for a run,) I was pleasantly surprised by the level of support it offered when I put it on. The high impact lived up to the billing.

These bras were meant to be flexible as well as breathable, and recommended for activities like mountain biking, hiking, and pilates. I wouldn’t wear the medium impact on a longer run, but I think it would be just fine for a half hour or maybe even an hour long run.

The wear testers have concluded that this sports bra is pretty true to size, and I’d agree. It looked small to me when I got it, but it fit just fine in the medium size I got, which is my typical true to size. You might want to consider how much compression you are going for when you order though, and of course sizing and fit are subjective. Currently Lume Six is developing a more thorough and comprehensive size guide.

There are some great features on the sports bras. One is the “alleviate straps,” which provide comfort for your shoulders and neck, an area that can really ache with the wrong bra. These straps lay nice and flat and don’t bunch up and create pressure on your shoulders. They instead create even distribution of weight which is so much more comfortable. There’s also a “halo elastic band,” which has a similar purpose. This band, the one located under the ribcage, lays flat in an effort to create support without collapsing.

As already mentioned, the streamlined seamless construction ensures you’ll get a smooth and comfy fit, minimizing irritation and chafability (is that a word? If not, it should be) by completely removing the thread that rubs against your skin while in motion. This makes this bra feel like, as the website says, “the sports bra disappears on you.” I can’t think of anything better.

Another feature worth mentioning – the “breezeway front ventilation” which provides breathability with a single layer of material across the front of the bra. This allows for airflow in a high heat area.

Lastly, my favorite feature of this bra – NO REMOVABLE PADDING!! Do you like the removable cups? If you do, I’m sorry to offend you, but I detest them. They tend to fall out or get folded up all weird inside the bra and they are hard to get back inside the bra. They are just super annoying and more time-consuming than they should be. None of the versions of the Lume Six bras will have you wrestling with those pads. There’s a lightly lined version, which has sewn in pads, and an unlined option for the ultimate lightweight bra.

So now it’s your turn to test this bra out. Support this small but amazing company. Small businesses need us right now. This company also uses sustainable fabrics in an effort to help our planet. Who can’t stand behind that?


Products & Price:

Specs (from website):

  • Built-in Padding
  • Alleviate Straps
  • Breezeway Front Ventilation
  • Streamline Seams
  • Halo Elastic Band
  • DreamSupport fabric on front for ultimate support
  • FeatherAir fabric at back for maximum breathability
  • DreamSupport & FeatherAir fabrics are made from recycled materials to reduce our impact.
  • Lightly lined versions have ultra soft lining fabric that will conform to your natural shape.
  • Unlined version is great for ultra lightweight and fastest drying times.

More about Lume Six:

Nice to meet you!

I’m Margaux, founder of Lume Six. I am a dedicated mountain biker and love hiking, swimming, stand up paddle boarding, yoga and pretty much anything that gets me outside and moving.

I have experienced pain and discomfort from sports bras my entire life and realized many women were having the same issues. After a particularly uncomfortable time, I realized I had the skills to solve these issues. Drawing from over a decade of experience developing technical and performance apparel in the cycling and snow sports industries, Lume Six was born.

I started working on Lume Six with the goal of creating the next generation of sports bras. I wanted something supportive without being restrictive, I wanted something lightweight, breathable, faster drying, and straps that didn’t bunch up. After 3 years of development, I can honestly tell you these are the best sports bras I have ever used.

You Deserve A Better Sports Bra

We all deserve better sports bras! Seriously, they suck and have sucked for a long time. They can be lighter, more comfortable, dry faster, and be more durable…they don’t have to have removable padding!

Once I started this project, it quickly became my mission to create the next generation of sports bras. I want to create sports bras that use the best fabrics and construction methods possible so that we as women get the best performing products to support us in our activities. No cutting corners, no compromises.

Something to be Proud Of

In addition to better product, we wanted to create a company we could be proud of.

We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, meaning we have committed to donating 1% of our sales to environmental non-profits.

All our sports bras are made from materials with recycled content from a dedicated partner in Italy making changes for more sustainable fabric production.

Things that are Important to Us

We believe the outdoors are for everyone.

We use the term “women” in a non-exclusionary way, including trans and non-binary women.

We are size inclusive and will have size XS-3XL within our first year.

Stick with us and you will see how we help drive positive change in the community and even the world as we grow. You can expect regular updates on our blog and Instagram.

Based in Santa Cruz, California

We have an outdoor playground in our backyard, nestled between the redwood forests and Pacific Ocean. Santa Cruz is an outdoor wonderland, great for hiking, surfing, mountain biking and just about anything in between.

We use this place as a testing ground for our products.

What Does Lume Six Mean?

Our brand is named after the illumination that happens during civil twilight, which starts when the sun is six degrees below the horizon. This is when the world starts to light up, a time of day that is filled with opportunity, possibility & positivity. At this time, the day is just beginning and ours to do with what we want.

Make today the day.

Thank you to Lume Six for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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