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If you want to reach runners in Oregon and SW Washington in a real-time, action-oriented setting, Run Oregon is the best way to get your message out. Our blog and social media reaches the eyes of readers and followers around 10k times per week. In addition to site-based ad imaging, we also promote and post ads on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Display Advertising:

Run Oregon offers up ads as a fixed position, which means it appears at the top of our homepage, as well as shown in the sidebar on every other post during the week or weeks it is scheduled. Ads are booked in one-week increments. Ads are 300×200 or 300×300 (subject to change). The price is $40 per week. Each ad will include the following:

  • Image on Website
  • Facebook Post notifying readers of new FEATURED RACE
  • Instagram Post notifying readers of new FEATURED RACE (additional accompanying action photos are recommended)
  • Link in Bio on IG
  • Facebook Blast reminder (if ads exceed one week)

We also have a Social Media Promotion option on both/either Facebook and Instagram.

  • One-time placement fee of $50
  • If boosting is desired, we will use targeted location and follower-demographics for enhanced promotion. The duration and amount of the additional boosting is up to event director and this amount is added to the total cost.
  • Link in Bio on IG

We are willing to work with you to create as unique of an advertising experience as you would like. Let’s connect!

Reserve your spot – fill out our Contact Us form to get started or email us directly at

Sweepstakes and Promotional Codes:

To offer a sweepstakes or promotional code to our readers, there is no cost; but our blog administration team must approve a product to be offered in a sweepstakes. If it is not a product we would use ourselves, we will not endorse it by giving one away to a reader. These promotions are exclusive to those readers who read our website and/or follow our social media accounts.

Promotional codes should be for a sizable discount or valuable offer. 20% or a BOGO is a good offer.

If you are interested in offering a prize for a sweepstakes in our newsletter or on the main blog – and open to anyone – please fill out the Contact Us form here.

Product Review:

If you would like us to review your running gear or running-lifestyle product, please use the Contact Us form to tell us about your company and your product or service. We will only review products or services that we feel our readers would like to know about. Products reviewed will not be returned and may be given away to our readers through an online promotion at the discretion of blog administrators.

Product reviews are done on an ad hoc basis.

The Run Oregon Blog reserves the right to decline any advertising for products or companies that do not align with our blog’s mission to provide high-quality, reliable running information to readers on Oregon and SW Washington. Rates are subject to change. Please Contact Us for updated information on site traffic and details.

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