Want us to test your product?

Run Oregon strives to be a resource that informs our readers about great running-related products around the world. If you provide a product for one of our bloggers to review, we will review it as part of a “What Run Oregon is Using” post, which will encompass being paired with 2-3 other products and feature details of your company, product, and a 1-2 paragraph review on our “impressions”. If you feel your product deserves its own dedicated post, please let us know in the form.

We focus on the positive in our reviews, knowing that not every product is for every runner, with the aim of providing information that will help other runners select the right products for them.

We also offer the opportunity for you to provide a promotional code for discount or giveaway products to our readers via the means you desire (Facebook or Rafflecopter, for example). These offers are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers and not shared on Facebook or the blog.

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