Loving the 2023 Run Proud Collection from Brooks

Brooks has partnered with renowned fine artist and illustrator, Queer artist and activist Wednesday Holmes to design this June’s Run Proud Collection.

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When I first saw the design for the Run with Pride shoes, I immediately thought of the amazing graffiti art murals that has been placed in some parts of Portland Metro. These pieces demonstrate community members coming together to support and celebrate one another. And these shoes are a perfect representation of all the magic that can happen through a community coming together. Lots of color, lots of style, and lots of comfort the miles ahead.

“Spotlighting art from the LGBTQ+ community is an important way to advocate for allyship. As part of our Run Proud collection, the limited-edition Ghost 15 running shoes designed by Holmes are bursting with color, character, and joy. Whether you’re at a march or running for a cause, these running shoes are a bold way to step up and step out.”

The 2023 Run Proud Collection includes shoes, a hat, tank options, and socks.

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The Run Proud Collection is one that is great and worthwhile for a lot of reasons. We recommend checking it out!

Brooks Run Proud Collection



Run Proud Collection
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