Run Oregon Transparency

Run Oregon is a 501(c)3 company whose main goal is to provide the latest and greatest information about all things running and fitness. At any given time, Run Oregon has multiple bloggers who assist with writing our posts. All of our bloggers are completely unpaid volunteers who have other jobs and responsibilities in addition to Run Oregon. We all do this in our spare time because we love running and the community that surrounds it!

Whether you come to our website and social media platforms to check out race previews, recaps, or product reviews we want you to know what’s happening behind the scenes. So here are the ways that Run Oregon makes money or is compensated:

1. Advertising

It is our goal to complete a preview of every race we can find in Oregon and SW Washington. Our previews of races have always been, and will always be, free. We desire to be an outlet where any race, big or small, can receive some race coverage free of charge. There are times that races (or companies) pay to have their ad or products placed more prominently on our website. These may be purchased weekly, and (again in an effort to keep coverage accessible to any size race) we keep the cost to only $40/week for site-based ads and/or a one-time $50 placement fee for social media promotion. Advertising proceeds pay for our web hosting, site design, and blogger gear such as logo hats or shirts.

With these ads come the opportunities to do giveaways and to be seen in other ways on our social media platforms, like our Facebook page and Instagram. See Advertising for more details.

2. Affiliate Programs

For those unaware, affiliate programs are when a business provides a website (or blog) with links to content. When a reader clicks on the link, a website is compensated if purchases are made. At the current moment, Run Oregon has affiliate programs with Amazon, AvantLink, Refersion, and ShareaSale. Note that not every product review has affiliate links attached, nor do we only review products from companies who provide affiliate links. Run Oregon does receive commissions for purchases made through links in posts that do have these attached.

3. Complimentary Race Entries

As mentioned before, all our bloggers are all unpaid volunteers. However, we are sometimes “compensated” for our efforts by being allowed to participate in local events. Most of these come directly from a race director making a request, though we do – at times – reach out ourselves and ask. We have never and will never refuse to preview an event if they are unable or unwilling to provide a media entry.

In the event that a media entry is allotted, a designated Run Oregon blogger will attend and complete a full recap. While we only ask for an entry fee with no added perks or benefits, many races will allow for a blogger to receive the full “race swag” experience. We leave that up to each individual race director.

Though it is in our Mission Statement to “share positive news about running and contribute to the growth of the running community,” our opinions are always independent and unbiased.

4.  Complimentary Products

In that same vein, we are sometimes “compensated” for our efforts by being allowed to test a variety of products that are sent to us. Though no money exchanges hands here, Run Oregon and our bloggers do benefit by receiving free products from brands. If requested, we will return the products that are provided as samples for review. Other times, we are allowed to keep the samples. There are also times when a brand wants more detailed and targeted posts to be delivered. In these instances, we disclose that this is a promoted post.

Though it is in our Mission Statement to “share positive news about running and contribute to the growth of the running community”, our opinions are always independent and unbiased.

Any questions about this or any aspect of Run Oregon? Please email us. Thanks for reading.

—Kelly Barten & Matt Rasmussen, Run Oregon

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