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Socks, despite what many would think, remain one of the most important things a runner owns. You should barely notice them at all if they are good, and you can’t fail to notice them if they are bad. If they don’t do their job correctly, a badly placed seam could leave a blister, the wrong materials could cause a rash, or you could possibly lose a toenail or two.

Thankfully Rockay is aware of the importance socks play in a runner’s life, and they aim to be placed in the “good” sock category. They are a premium performance wear brand that creates top notch socks made of 100% recycled fabrics and upcycled ocean waste. Their ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon is made from fishing nets from the oceans and fabric scraps from mills and carpets otherwise headed for a landfill. And, as it turns out, this nylon is super comfy on a runner’s feet. Rockay wants to reduce the impact on the planet as well as give us, in their words, “performance, comfort, and quality.”  Win win!

Rockay was nice enough to send Run Oregon two pairs of socks to test, and they have many different styles and colors to choose from. They make thin socks, trail & crew socks, compression socks, wool socks, and have various lengths available. They also sell sleeves. I opted to try a pair of the trail running socks and a pair of the thin socks.

Due to the gorgeous weather in Oregon lately, I opted to try the thin socks first since I’m still adjusting to running in 70+ degree weather again. The Rockay Agile Running Socks come just above the heel and I got them in the dolphin blue and orange color. The website mentions that the socks run a little small and recommends sizing up, (check out the sizing guide on their website) so I got them in a size Large despite the fact that I wear a relatively standard size 8 shoe. The socks are stretchy and soft, and they fit well. I was happy with my choice, though I noticed a tad bit of room in the toe when I lined up the heel where it was supposed to go. The socks are very soft and smooth and I immediately felt the elasticity of the nylon when I put them on. They are extremely thin as promised, so much so that I initially noticed some extra room in my shoes, (which I always buy a full size larger than my regular non-running shoes.)

The ultralight material did not impede my run in the least, and my feet stayed nice and cool throughout my 13 mile run that morning. The mesh zones made that breathability possible, and the built -in arch support was both noticed and appreciated. The seamless toes are nice, and there were no “hot spots” anywhere on my feet after I took off the socks. I somehow felt faster in these socks the day I wore them and they didn’t even smell when I took off my shoes – quite a feat.

The trail socks I tried, the Razer Trail Running Socks, also felt thin when I put them on. These would be great socks for a Fall or Summer trail race, as they aren’t as thick as many other trail socks and have some technical mesh patterning on them. They again felt very breathable and soft, and the size Large fit like a glove. The compression support is not too tight but nice and snug where it needs to be. I have loved these socks as much as the Agile ones I’d tried a few days earlier.


Rockay’s socks are all tested and worm by professional athletes around the world, and this shows in the quality of the product that emerges.  As if the quality of the Rockay socks weren’t enough, (which it most certainly is,) the impact on the planet and the world around us is very evidently important to this company. Here’s a short video that gives you a bit more information about Rockay’s story.

Rockay is donating their Blaze Calf Compression Sleeves (while stock lasts) to medical workers who are at the frontlines of the fight with COVID-19. Those on the medical staff can email Rockay at for more information regarding this donation. There will also be a donation of 10% of all sales made on Earth Day to Oceana since sustainability is such a huge part of their company’s culture. Rockay has removed over 20 tons of waste from the oceans so far, so they are really striving to make a difference in a useful way.

I would recommend Rockay’s socks to any runner. Not only are they some of my new favorites with their deluxe feel and obvious quality, but I can feel good about their mission to help the planet in the process.


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More about Rockay:

Rockay is a premium Performance wear brand, with a mission to provide world-class products, but only ever using 100% recycled fabrics and ocean waste, thus reducing their impact on the planet.

  • Rockay Performance Socks are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a product that’s a final result of recycling ocean waste, fishing nets, and landfill fabrics.
  • This means that whoever chooses to wear Rockay socks helps clean our Oceans and contributes to the global sustainability movement.
  • Thanks to an advanced Swedish technology called Polygiene, Rockay socks also remain odor-free, resulting in wearing more and washing fewer, further increasing eco-credentials.

Thank you to Rockay for providing us with sample pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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