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My mom told me yesterday that she saw that men’s dress shorts sales were way up and dress pant sales were way down. I have a feeling that this trend (if accurate) is a direct result of the increase of distance digital interaction during COVID-19, and the need to look professional on camera – at least from the waist up. Heck, even John Krasinski hilariously showed this in a recent “Some Good News” video.

Therefore, our sample package from All Citizens is perfect for this – a combo that I actually sampled for the first time in a work Zoom meeting. And, shoot, it worked like a charm.

The Contender Training Shorts are an absolutely beautiful and comfortable item to wear when working out. They aren’t uberlight, and may not be a “racing” short, but they still work extremely well on day to day runs. They are super multi functional and in addition to using in some training runs, they will absolutely easily double as a trail running or hiking pair, cross training, or even as a casual warm weather short to wear out and about. I have tested the shorts in all of these settings (I’ve been doing a lot of Peloton workouts in my garage) and their design really make this an easy transition. They also have a small hidden pocket inside that will hold some valuables.


Here is All Citizens’ descriptor of their construction:

Like all of our products, we started with a high-performance fabric: we substituted the thin, flimsy fabrics you find in standard issue shorts – which don’t effectively protect you from the elements – with an upgraded, durable, mid-weight fabric that’s built to endure. The 4-way stretch fabric is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable, cling-free (even during the sweatiest workouts), and has enough flex for complete range of motion in every direction. The fabric’s double-faced weave has a smooth, tough exterior for long-term durability and a soft, textured interior that feels great against the skin. The 3D texture on the interior also raises the fabric off your skin to allow more airflow and breathability during intense workouts.


The Performance Shirt has two different lengths – short sleeved and long sleeved. With the weather this past week or so (and hopefully for a while longer), the short sleeved shirt is a nice addition to a closet. There are six color options that are all relatively muted, but do offer a nice diverse array that include a pink hue, as well as a couple with minimalistic features like floral and cherries.

While it visually looks like many collared short-sleeved options on the market, All Citizens really takes a step ahead of the mass market with their high performance fabric. A construction with qualities that runners know and love (moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable), makes it about as comfortable a top that you can wear. It’s also great to take on Runcation, considering that it doesn’t attract wrinkles like cotton shirts do.

However, unlike most other short-sleeved shirts, it comes with some simple, yet awesome, design features – like having the back of the shirt being a little longer than the front to keep it from untucking when you sit down, and the sides of the shirt being cut upwards so that you can more easily access your pants pockets. Even the back yoke is higher on the shoulders so that the seam allows for the greatest range of motion – something that most dress shirts don’t allow.

The fit will be the most key decision with the shirt. While it does have a good amount of stretch, the fit is designed to be tailored and slimmer. If you prefer a more relaxed fit in your shirts, you should definitely size up.

Much like the shorts, the Performance Shirt looks great enough to wear in work settings that allow business-casual attire, but also can be utilized out and about, as well as even on a tropical vacation (that we are probably all dreaming of while we sit in our homes).

I love both of these items, and it was nice to have a couple of new pieces arrive at the house during this time in a COVID-19 world. I will definitely get the most out of this gear while staying at home, but know both will see plenty more usage when the gym is back open and we are once again able to explore the warm Oregon outdoors.

I also want to acknowledge that:

  1. The Performance Shirt is perfect for all casual and semi formal settings (not just Zoom calls) and the Contender shorts are great for working out and;
  2. All Citizens is more than just shorts and casual tops – they have undergarments, socks, and pants and long-sleeved shirts with the same performance construction ideal for those of us athletes who like to feel comfortable in a work setting.

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Many thanks to the All Citizens for allowing us to check out their product! Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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