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We all have those pieces of running apparel that are our “go to” grabs for races or long runs. If you’re like me, you’ve got options in your closet, and probably a lot of them are great choices too. But we all have our favorites, and they are the ones that never let us down when we need them for rain, for heat, for fit, and for style. The running apparel brand rabbit GETS IT. I believe they strive to make all of  their clothes your “go to” items. The clothes are both durable and stylish as well as comfortable and functional. In a nutshell, rabbit is just all around top notch. If you read rabbit’s story online, you’ll see that they care about what runners want.. In fact, they pride themselves on it. And it’s very evident in the clothes.

It’s Spring in Oregon, and the weather has been changing on a daily basis. I tend to alternate this time of year between long sleeved tee shirts and tank tops with my running tights, and not much else. I was fortunate enough to try the bunny hop racerback tank top and the EZ tee in the long sleeved style. Fellow blogger Mindy Harp tried out the adorable hopper shorts.

First up was the EZ tee which arrived in a cheery yellow color called “limelight.” This vibrant shirt will take even the most fair-weather runner outside just for an excuse to wear it. The material is buttery soft as well as lightweight. The “quick n’ fit” poly/spandex blend is stretchy and breathable. It’s sweat-wicking and dries very fast when you peel it off after a hard workout. I tend to hover between a size small and medium in shirts depending on the style and brand, and got this shirt in a small. Though it has a tailored fit for a woman, it never feels tight or clingy.

Matt also tried out an EZ tee LS and was blown away by just how soft it was. All of the specs are generally the same in the men’s and the women’s – including the tailored fit – and it’s easy to see why this is such a beloved top. It’s functionality on runs is great, but the feel alllllmost makes him want to pull this out of the fitness rotation and use as a cool weather casual top.

The bunny hop tank came in a heather gray color called “turbulence,” and upon first glance, it appears not much different than any other tank top. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the cute little rabbit shapes in the design provide venting. The shirt is made of rabbitMESH, rabbit’s proprietary material which is “a perforated, tight-mesh fabric that is lightweight, breathable, cling free and sag resistant.” This is as genius as much as it is fashionable. Again, I got this in a size small, and again the small fit me like a glove in a very flattering way. I like this shirt for working out as well as running, because when I’m doing activities like the dreaded burpee, it doesn’t ride up while I’m bouncing around in weird positions. If you are familiar with the race-her-back tank also made by rabbit, the cut of this top is identical. Like the EZ tee, the bunny hop top dries in a jiffy when you take it off.

The hopper shorts have a 4 inch inseam and are made for speed. There was a warning attached that they can be see through when wet, but the material is quick drying and lightweight. There’s a secure waistband wider than that of many bottoms and a rabbitMESH liner that promises to be scratch and chafe-free as well as breathable. And most importantly to most runners, there’s a handy rear zip pocket and dual front internal pockets.

Mindy’s thoughts on the hopper shorts: I am very familiar with the brand rabbit, as I have a few of their running tops. I was very excited to try out their running shorts. This brand is really something I can stand behind, as their production is in California, and their products are high in quality. Between training for a marathon to chasing two active boys, active wear is the majority of my wardrobe nowadays. When I tried on the shorts, my first reaction was to the material. They were extremely soft, and the color was exactly as described on their website. I decided to wear these on a quick 4 mile run. The shorts did not disappoint. They did not ride up like some shorts, and while they did seem a little short when I first put them on, they were in fact the perfect length for optimal breathability. The waist band was extremely comfortable, and the pockets were perfectly placed for keys and other items needed on a run. I highly recommend checking out this brand of running clothes.

As usual, rabbit fit the bill for our needs. I will mention that I’ve found overall that their clothes run a bit on the small size, so if you are wondering if you should size up or down, I’d recommend playing it safe and going a bit larger. In times where we need a bit of cheer, rabbit will make the bleakest day a little brighter.

Matt’s thoughts on the quadbangers:

While I generally run in longer shorts (7″ being my favorite length), I did not find the Quadbangers too short (5 inches, to be precise). In fact, they are great at providing coverage without weighing you down (as some longer shorts can). They also can keep phone-using runners from having to add additional hear, as there is zipped pocket on the rear that can not only hold most phones (sans iPhone Plus), but also holds it securely against your waist to eliminate bounce. There is also a small key pocket on the front to hold small necessities.

If you are looking to gear up for the spring/summer – when all this quarantine stuff is over – now is a great time to check out rabbit.


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More about rabbit:

At rabbit, we believe in ethical, sustainable manufacturing. That means that all of our running apparel is manufactured in Los Angeles, just 100 miles south of our home in Santa Barbara. This gives us access to advanced manufacturing facilities while allowing us to keep a close eye on all aspects of production.

When we want to make something new, we don’t have to ship samples back and forth to Asia or try to do design by videoconference. No, we just drive down to the factory and talk to the people who make the product. It works really well. Most importantly, we know for sure that all of our apparel is made in conditions we approve of by workers who are treated well and fairly.

We make running apparel that we want to wear, and we do it in a way that we can feel good about. That’s the rabbit difference.

 Thank you to rabbit for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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