What Run Oregon is Wearing: Nathan VaporHowe WaistPak


The most important piece of equipment for a runner is a good pair of shoes. For a female runner, a good sports bra comes in a very close second. And in my experience and opinion, running belt rounds out the triple threat to keep you on the roads or trails.

After a few years with the same pouch, I was excited about the opportunity to try something new. First thing I had to get used to with the Nathan VaporHowe WaistPak was just the process of getting it on. Rather than fitting around and then clicking, I had to shimmy into this belt. There is a small amount of elastic in the top part of the belt, which means it is critical that you get your size right. It also means that once you get it on, it feels very stable during your run or walk. Getting it off after a long run was about as tricky as the sports bra due to sweat. I did not have any issues or worries about it falling down or off before I was done.

The belt has a zippered pouch in the front that kept my smartphone snug against me. On either side of that were pouches with a small Velcro at the top; these are intended for your snacks or items that you need easy access too (and won’t be too paranoid about falling out). And then in the back is a larger Velcro pouch for the water bottle. At first, I was worried that the bottle would feel too heavy or bouncing while I ran. I am happy to share that the snug structure of the belt meant everything stayed closed without any worries of falling out. It was a challenge to get the bottle out and back in; I had to pause for both during the run. With extra ropes and attachment spaces, this belt makes a bit more sense for trail running than road running, including the fact you would more naturally walk or take a water break on the trails. I can easily imagine using this belt for an afternoon hike or run in Forest Park.

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Nathan VaporHowe WaistPak
Sizes: XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL
Cost: $59.99
Color: Blue and Mirage/Lupine
Weight: Without Soft Flasks: 2.8 oz/81.2 g. With Soft Flasks: 3.42 oz/97 g

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