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I’m a man, therefore I stink. As a result, I am constantly on the prowl for the latest and greatest hygiene products out there that provide me the ability to not seem as gross as my body seems to like to give off. We recently came across BRAVO SIERRA a company that is built with, and for, the U.S. Military to meet the needs of all those who lead active lives. They strive to take skincare to the next level by using clean ingredients and sustainable packaging, and made here in the good old USA. We recently received a few items to test.

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Maybe it’s the fact that I am a father or perhaps it’s finally realizing that I should start becoming an “adult”, but over the past few years, I have finally started to care about my grooming products. I don’t, and can’t, commit too much time to it (a full-time job, 3 young kids, a blog to manage, AND a running hobby have my “free time” pretty limited – every minute is used up!). That’s why it is nice to know what’s out there when it comes to skincare – that way I can have a good hygiene routine and be knowledgeable about what is out there so that I can be safe to my skin.

It can be tough to formally review hygiene products (I mean, how much detail do you need about deodorant or body wash), but BRAVO SIERRA really has a fantastic line that lives up to the expectations we had going in.

The Original Set combines three of BRAVO SIERRA’S best selling items

These come in four scent options:


The Hair & Body Solid Cleanser is, at it’s core, a soap bar…WITHOUT soap. It is actually a concoction of Shea Butter, Coconut and Oat Flour that leaves a surprisingly full lather and gets the job done from head to toe. BRAVO SIERRA claims they will last 30-40 showers and, while I haven’t put that much in yet, it seems that this is about accurate. The Original Set also comes with their aluminum-free Deodorant, which is made with probiotics (“a natural sweat-absorptive powder from the root of the Cassava plant“) aimed to kill body odor-causing bacteria at the source.

As a note, remember that you will need to give your body some time to adjust. Standard deodorants and antiperspirants have compounds that keep you sweating less. Naturally derived deodorants do not do this nearly as well (across the board, not just with BRAVO SIERRA), so you will need to understand that this will occur. Additionally, when switching, it may take some time for your body to adjust to not being blocked up by the aluminum holding your sweat in. This may make it seem like the deodorant isn’t working right off the bat, but it’s your body adjusting to the switch.

Rounding out the set is their Deodorant Body Spray, almost a mix of deodorant and cologne. It’s like Axe Body Spray…but 1000% NOT like Axe Body Spray. This is a great option for post-race as it has a great smart-lock cap. I also like that it is made from a non-VOC, environmentally-friendly propellant – something that really takes this over the top.

The Antibacterial Body Wipes ($10) are a perfect addition for a workout bag or for tossing in your car when you need a little freshening up. I have used these in a few recent situations where I am going from a workout out into the “real world”. During our recent trip to Nashville, my morning run came right up against the time that we were needing to check out of one of our hotels. Thus, grabbing one of these individually-wrapped towels and using as a to-go shower made our brunch stop much more pleasant (for both myself and my wife). It claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria in 60 seconds using an alcohol-free compound (Benzalkonium Chloride) as the active ingredient.

The Hair/Body Wash & Shave is also a great item to take on the go as it’s perhaps the “multi-tool” of your hygiene bag. It comes out of the bottle in gel form, but once rubbed together, it mutates into a nice dense lather. This gives it a great consistency to take care of all your basic hygiene needs: shampoo, body wash, face soap, and shave gel. This was a God-send, again on our Nashville trip, as it cut out so much space in my pack. That’s not to say it can only be used for travel, as a home shower needs love too, but we have really enjoyed it from both aspects.

Honestly, men’s grooming items can get a little pricy from time to time (especially if they aren’t mass-produced), but we found BRAVO SIERRA to actually fall into a pretty good price area. They definitely run a little more than your standard items, but you are really committing to hydrating and cleaning your body with non-cruddy ingredients – something we could all probably use a little more of. Their packaging is noticeably basic – by design – so definitely don’t be thrown off by this. Personally, I’d rather have a solidly made item than something that just spends it’s time to look “cool”.

BRAVO SIERRA has many more items in their webstore, so check them out.

Thank you to BRAVO SIERRA for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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