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I’m an omnivore, but I generally try to limit my meat intake if I can. However, there are times when a little lean meat in my life just hits the spot. In a world of granola, oats, chocolate, and nuts, meat is not generally something that you would consider as a satisfying and relatively healthy treat, but DNX, with their lean meat bars and sticks, provide a very nice, low-calorie, and delicious option.

A good way to think of the bars is to picture high quality beef jerky. They are a little more “wet” than the overdried, mass-produced jerky in the stores, but this is not off-putting. It is packaged quite nice so that the freshness lasts, but you may want to eat it out of the wrapper as opposed to placing in your fingers too long. There are also a variety of lean mean, from chicken to beef to bison to bacon. And the flavors are much more unique as well.

The meat sticks are a little more what you would expect from a grocery or convenience store stick – but much more nutritional and friendly than those (dare I say) not-appetizing things you find there. DNX’s meat sticks are actually appetizing and taste really good.

Overall, I really appreciated these bars and sticks. I generally like “beef jerky”, but the blank taste and tough texture usually keeps me from actually enjoying them. With DNX Bars, I found myself seeking them out in my pantry for a little protein pick-me-up and feeling pretty good about it. They run a little more pricey than your standard options, but it still feels better knowing that these are lean, diet-friendly, and made with sustainability and organics in mind.

Company: DNX Bar (Find them on Facebook)

Products & Price: 

  • Meat Protein Bars ($35.99 for pack of 12)
  • Meat Protein Sticks ($23.99 for pack of 12)
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More about DNX:

DNX stands for Daily Nutrition as the company creates protein bars that are 100% clean, nutrient-rich and made with wholesome ingredients that doesn’t sacrifice taste. Their Keto and Paleo certified bars combine grass-fed beef & bison, and free range chicken, with organic fruits and vegetables, delivering a wholesome snack that’s both nutritious and intensely satisfying. Packed with real protein, the DNX bar offers a convenient way to fuel energy, satisfy hunger and deliver delicious, complete nutrition.

Thank you to DNX for providing us with sample packs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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