Krimson Klover has you Covered with the Sara Long Sleeve & Hallie Hoodie Sunshirts

Recently, my doctor told me that she recommends all of her patients over the age of 40 see a dermatologist and have a skin check. Sun damage is something that’s very much on my radar, especially since I spend a lot of time running outdoors. The sunshirts from Krimson Klover remind me that there’s absolutely no reason that sun protection can’t be fun and cute.

I received the Sara Long Sleeve Sunshirt as well as the Hallie Hoodie Sunshirt and I love them so much. The colors are bright, the patterns are unique, and the material is light and flowy.


I received the “Landscape Strong Blue” in the Sara Long Sleeve and the “Multistripe Indigo” in the Hallie Hoodie. I loved all the patterns offered on the website, so choosing just one for each style was difficult. I can’t say I own anything quite like these sunshirts. The colors are vibrant and happy and I’m already getting compliments on them.


These shirts are meant to have your back, quite literally, and protect you from the hot rays of the sun. They offer UPF 50 protection so you can wear these at the beach, on the water, or on a hike and feel safe. They are also lightweight enough to keep you cool in the heat.


Both the long sleeve as well as the hoodie are made with moisture wicking poly/spandex materials with a four way stretch design. There are also odor control elements which is super helpful if you’re planning on spending a day hanging out in one of these shirts. I also love that these have a “barely there” feel without feeling cheap.


The sunshirts are both very stretchy and cool. There’s a curved hem which I personally find very flattering. I decided to order both of these shirts in a size large because I wasn’t sure how clingy they would be, but it turns out a medium would have been just fine, as they are very roomy.


Not only are the hoodie and long sleeve sunshirts fashionable and fun, they are functional and protective as well. The next time I go river rafting or hiking or any other activity in the sun that requires a bit more coverage, I’ll be reaching for one of these Krimson Klover sunshirts.

Sunshirts from Krimson Klover


Krimson Klover

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  • UPF 50 protection
  • Quick-drying and moisture-wicking for freshness
  • Poly/Spandex fabrication

Thank you to Krimson Klover for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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