The Tracksmith Varsity Club is looking for college track and field athletes!

The Tracksmith Varsity Club is an NIL program that will provide support and unique development opportunities to college track & field and cross country athletes hoping to transition to the next level of competition. The Varsity Club will give student-athletes the resources they need to compete at the highest level and the opportunity to learn – through mentorship and direct experience – what it takes to be the best on and off the track.

The goal with this program is to amplify and extend the ASP program to specifically focus on nurturing collegiate athletes who want to be part of something outside of school teams, and offers them a space, community and structured program with a lot of opportunity to take them to the next level in a unique way.

Who Should Apply?

They encourage current track & field and cross country athletes competing at the national level across all NCAA divisions to apply. Athletes who best demonstrate how the specific offerings of the Varsity Club will further their competitive goals during and after college will be selected.


The Varsity Club provides a number of benefits throughout the duration of the program. These include the following:

  • Athletics Abroad: Athletes will travel to Europe for a week-long trip including competition, training, and spectating opportunities. Travel, lodging and meals are included.
  • Tracksmith Gear: Athletes will receive gear stipends for apparel, footwear and accessories. They will also have access to the latest Tracksmith product introductions and will be considered for wear-testing programs.  
  • Athlete Mentorship: Athletes will be assigned a mentor from Tracksmith’s Amatuer Support Program. In addition, athletes will have access to bi-monthly seminars and Q&A sessions with elite athletes, agents, coaches, and media personnel to help prepare them for post-collegiate athletics. 


Their primary intent is to support athletes as they navigate the transition from collegiate to post-collegiate competition. As members of the Varsity Club, athletes will be asked to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Tracksmith makes a wide range of performance and lifestyle products. As such, they ask athletes to wear Tracksmith products when appropriate (e.g., at practice and around campus), and at any non-NCAA competitions.
  • Tracksmith excels at storytelling and leads running culture. As such, athletes will work with Tracksmith’s marketing team to craft authentic and engaging social media posts and other content that feature Tracksmith products.
  • Tracksmith values community and social interaction. As such, they ask athletes to actively participate in Varsity Club events throughout the year.

How to Apply

In a short video of two (2) minutes or less, please tell them why you love competing, your goals for the year, and how the Varsity Club will facilitate your growth as an athlete and future leader of the sport. They encourage you to be authentic and creative.

Application Deadline

Video submissions are due by September 20th at 11:59pm ET. If you have questions about the Tracksmith Varsity Club or your application, please email

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