Experiencing the Magic of Houdini’s Pace Flow Hoody and Tree Tee

There’s no magic to it – Houdini makes some quality outdoor gear.

We recently received two pieces that have quickly won over my heart, each excelling in construction, fit, and functionality.

Houdini Pace Flow Houdi

It’s a little odd to review a hoody in the midst of the summer, but I must say I really enjoy this. While it will for sure hit its stride during the Fall and Spring months, it is light and airy enough to wear in warmer temps. I have been doing exactly this and it’s a solid option to layer with during the early mornings or when the wind picks up. It’s also been a GREAT option to take to the Oregon Coast this summer for a few runs and chill sessions.

I checked out the Sunset Orange, but there are three other non-vibrant options available if you are wanting something more subdued (or are a Duck fan). It’s super plush (100% recycled polyester) and ridiculously lightweight. This is actually constructed in the way I prefer – a full-zip option with a little room for layering. I like my sweatshirts and hoodies with a little room in them – and this provides a supremely nice fit.

I do wish it had some pockets, but that’s really the only thing lacking from this top. This has been my go-to in the mornings for the past few weeks and I expect it will get a ton of usage this year.

Note: Be super careful around sharp objects (including cat claws!). The material is solid, but there can be some issues if aren’t careful. 

Houdini Tree Tee

The Houdini Tee Tree is not reeeeally a running-specific shirt. It is more of an everyday option – a comfortable and functional hiking/out-and-about top. Made from 100% wood pulp, it is great that it provides the solid qualities that us runners take for granted in our gear – breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant.

I have been wearing this a ton – the fabric is soft, lightweight, and has this natural feel that I love. It’s a simple tee, but the quality is undeniable, and I can tell it’s built to last. It has a little bit more of a relaxed fit – which is welcome. I swear, sizing across the board is skewing smaller nowadays! I would recommend sizing up. There is some slight shrink after washing (up to 8% – per Houdini), so going up may get you back to where you need it eventually.

There are seven colors – from bold to basic. There’s not much more to say other than this is a really great top for the summer when sweat and moisture-wicking is necessary.

Overall, I’m beyond pleased with both the Houdini Pace Flow Houdi and Tree Tee. They have quickly become essential pieces in my outdoor and everyday wardrobe. While the hoody tackles tough weather conditions with style, the tee keeps me feeling cool and fresh all day long. Totally worth the investment!



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Thank you to Houdini for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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