The Run Cannonball Run Collection from Tracksmith Makes a Big Splash

Often times, our workout schedules consist somewhere along the following:

  • Run, Pick up Kids, Run
  • Run, Go to Work, Run
  • Run, Date Night, Run

All of these are completely viable and often necessary. But when summer comes around, Tracksmith’s versatile collection adds another to the mix: Run Cannonball Run.

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Running is important and great, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that running is supposed to be fun. So, sometimes summer run-sploring can (or should?) include finding a lake halfway through a 10 mile lake – and enjoying a quick soak before continuing on your way. That’s where this collection comes in.

When the sun’s shining and the mercury is heading toward triple digits, tear up your training plan and take your legs on an adventure. There are no rules or regulations; the only goal is to find the best body of water for submerging yourself mid-run. Maybe that means executing a perfect cannonball into a crystal mountain stream, or ducking into chilly Atlantic waves. However you do it, this is what summer is all about. Make a splash: run, cannonball, run.

We recently tried out a few items from this collection.

Run Cannonball Run Shorts

Mens | Womens

The Run Cannonball Run shorts strike the perfect balance between functionality and style. True to size, they offer a comfortable fit that suits various body types. While most colors lean towards neutrals, the Marigold and Navy Stripe options add a touch of flair to your activewear collection.

These shorts are unique in that they are slightly thicker and heavier than traditional running shorts, but this design choice makes sense since they are meant to bridge the gap between running shorts and swim trunks. They are perfect for casual runs, and you can effortlessly transition from a run to a refreshing dip in the water and continue walking without changing.

The outer layer is made from swim fabric, which was previously used for Olympic speedsuits, ensuring they can handle any aquatic adventure. The internal liner is crafted from lightweight swim fabric, providing quick drying and excellent performance in both pools and natural water bodies like lakes, rivers, or sprinklers.

This versatility makes them a standout option for those who enjoy running near water or incorporating swimming into their routine.

  • Body: 71% Micro Nylon, 29% Elastane
  • Lining: 82% Polyester / 18% Spandex Tricot Mesh w Wicking

Run Cannonball Run Tee

This tee is great for post-race or run wear. While it fits relatively true to size, it’s recommended to go a size up, which is consistent with how we feel about most Tracksmith gear. The tee boasts a simplistic design with neutral colors and features a convenient pocket. What sets it apart is its exceptional softness and comfort, making it perfect for casual wear.

Though it leans more towards casual than high-performance fabrics, it still works well for running in a pinch. Its breathable fabric makes it an ideal summer staple, keeping you cool and comfortable during warm weather activities.

  • 15% Combed Cotton, 85% Polyester

Run Cannonball Run Tank

The tank is a versatile gem that defies the typical limitations of cotton-based apparel for running. Its cotton/polyester blend strikes the perfect balance, providing a solid and lightweight option that can handle more intense workouts while remaining comfortable for casual wear. The tank truly shines as a multifunctional summer staple, effortlessly transitioning from running to everyday activities.

It’s been a fantastic post-run option, easily pulled over a sweaty sports bra. While the colors mostly lean towards neutrals, the ivory with red piping adds a fun touch. The fit is slightly more relaxed than Tracksmith’s typical tops, so sticking to standard sizing should ensure a perfect fit for this summer must-have.

  • 15% Combed Cotton, 85% Polyester

Run Cannonball Run Bra

The bra is a swim-ready version of their Run Bra, and it’s a delightful addition to any active wardrobe. While we found the fit a bit small, it generally stays true to size and may be worth considering going up if you’re unsure.

Made from an Italian performance fabric, this bra excels in moisture-wicking and quick-drying capabilities, perfect for staying comfortable during intense workouts or water activities. While its compression may not be as strong as some other brands, it still provides reliable support.

The high cut and racerback design offer a stylish touch, making it suitable for both running and casual wear. In fact, it doubles as a standalone swim top, making it convenient to transition from miles to poolside relaxation without needing to change. Whether you’re putting in miles or just want to chill by the pool after a workout, this Run Cannonball Run bra is a versatile and comfortable choice.

  • 71% Micro Nylon, 29% Elastane
Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run Collection



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