Nothing About this Race is Boring (Except for Everything)

My Fall 2022 running season was incomplete with the cancelation of Boring Half Marathon due to wildfires. So I am already signed up and looking forward to this year’s experience. I love the community engagement and focus of the event. And the simplicity of going for a long run along Springwater helps with long-runner brain fog.

While I will be participating in the half marathon, there are multiple events you can choose from: Boring Marathon, Half-Boring Half-Marathon, Constantly Boring 8K, or the Virtual Race Series. All of the in-person races will be on Sunday, September 10, starting from Boring Station Trailhead Park, which has lots of parking at nearby schools or neighborhood streets. There is also a free kids run at 9:45am (after some adult runners have finished).

An important update to this year’s event is that marathon participants will run the half marathon course twice. Permit issues required the update for this year. On the upside: flatter course. On the downside: not a Boston-Certified course (maybe next year). So marathon and half marathon participants will be going for an out-and-back along Springwater Trail through Gresham Main City Park. The Constantly Boring 8K will also be on Springwater, just for a lot less miles.

One of my very favorite things about this race is their view on the finish line:

Walkers are welcome, but because we run part of the race along roads, we need to discontinue aid stations and traffic control after 7 hours. However, we will keep the finish line open and staffed until the last runner/walker comes in and nobody will be disqualified by time.

As someone who has gotten very close to a cut-off time in races, thank you thank you thank you.

Check out the details about the event and sign up soon as each distance has a limited number of spots. Marathon is limited to 120, Half to 230, and the 8K to 150. Of course the virtual races are unlimited. 🙂

Boring Marathon, Half-Boring Half-Marathon, Constantly Boring 8K, and Virtual Race Series $60-120


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