On the Road Again with Tracksmith’s Rapid Transit Collection

Believe it or not, but owning Run Oregon is not my actual job. My “real job”, as can be seen in a variety of our Instagram posts, has necessitated a lot travel over the years. This has lessened from 2020 til now, but that is starting to change again.

Even when I am traveling for work purposes, I am always finding time to do some runsploring. Honestly, I don’t think there is a better way to check out a new city than to explore by foot. I always come prepared to run (one work trip, I accidentally brought two days worth of running gear and NO work shirts…), but one think that is less easy to prepare for is what to wear for a day full of travel. Enter Tracksmith’s Rapid Transit Collection.

For runners with big goals or those inspired to explore, traveling to races can unlock speed and heighten our connection to our sport. Inspired by runners on the go, we designed a collection of travel-ready staples crafted for comfort and sophistication in transit.

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While there are a variety of “athleisure” companies out there, as well as running clothes that are quite comfortable, there are times when super casual airline attire won’t work. As much as I would love to be in a pair of running pants and tee shirt (and head straight from the tarmac to the trails), I have to look quasi-professional when I am on the road.

That’s what makes the Rapid Transit Collection so nice. I just got back from a cross country trip to NYC for work, and thank goodness I had the these items on hand to get me there in comfort and style.

Rapid Transit Popover (100% Polyester)

This long-sleeve 1/4 button top is a comfortable and stretchy option wrapped up in a business-casual appearance. Most of my long sleeved work options are uncomfortable, so it has been a joy to wear in these settings thus far.

It can be worn as a standalone piece, or if you size up it can be a pullover option as well. I know my pleasant recent travel experience rocking the Popover can’t completely be chalked up to apparel alone, but I also know it didn’t hurt. After a 5.5 hour flight, I remember thinking how I felt way more ready to hit the roads upon touchdown than I usually am. I just felt a little more relaxed and comfortable – and thinking how I am usually rocking a sweaty and cumbersome work top, it just makes sense I would feel a little better.

Rapid Transit Crew (58% Polyester, 42% Merino wool)

We are a little bit past prime sweatshirt wearing weather, but I have never prayed for Fall so much now that I have this on hand. I may even make a trip to the Coast to experience it. It is super comfortable – and great for settings where you need a little layering. It is super soft and provides that level of warmth and breathability with its Merino construction. It sits far down on the torso – which doesn’t always happen with me and sweatshirts – and came in handy to trudge on my cross country trip as the plane was randomly freezing along the way. It could be used as a running option in a pinch, but it’s just too good looking to subject it to too much.

Rapid Transit Polo (Body: 54% Rayon, 32% Wool-Superwash, 14% Silk)

It is finally Polo-wearing weather. Generally speaking, they typically get left in the back of my closet until the weather starts to warm up – and that time is now. The Rapid Transit Polo is now my favorite one – keeping things super light and breathable with quality to boot. It is soft to the touch, looks great, and makes travel a joy. I wore this on my outbound flight to NYC this past week and couldn’t have been happier.

Rapid Transit Shorts (100% Polyester)

These shorts are the easiest to cross over between running and casual. They sit at a 5.5 inch inseam, so there is plenty of mobility in the legs. The drawstring keeps things tight, no matter the activity. These are a perfect pair to wear out and about – pairing with just about any casual top – and have on hand for a run in a pinch).

The quality in the Rapid Transit Collection, like all Tracksmith items, is top notch. That does come with a price tag, but man if I don’t think it’s worth it. With increased travel coming online, having a solid to wear each time is an investment I am willing to make. They also have joggers, pants, tees, and duffel bags – if you are looking for even more greatness!



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Thank you to Tracksmith for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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