A True Mountain Racing Weekend at the Wy’east Trailfest

Daybreak Racing puts on some phenomenal trail races, and the 2023 Wy’east Trailfest has a whole trio of events to satisfy that itch for the mountain view you might want to scratch. Specifically, this event will take you out to Mt Hood, one of the best gifts that the Pacific NW has to offer us. This event features a 50k, a 28k, and a 14k. If you’re having trouble trying to choose, you also have the truly epic option of the Triple Crown, which means completing ALL three races back-to-back!

Wy’east, (the native ancestral name for Mt Hood) offers some of the best views of the Pacific Crest, Central Oregon’s high desert, and the Columbia River Gorge, at the quad-burning price of climbing up 8000’ in elevation.

All of the races will be staged at Mt Hood Meadows Ski Area at an elevation of 5400.’ The events will take place over the weekend of July 21st-23rd and you can expect all sorts of terrain from smooth dirt singletrack to steep technical and rocky trails.

The 14k Hill Climb will be held on Friday July 21st at noon. The race will travel as low 4500’ and as high as 8000’. Elevation change involves 2,700′ of gain and loss in just 8.9 miles. The 50k will take place on Saturday July 22nd and this loop takes on the volcanic alpine ridgeline. This race is described as a “true mountain race.” running as low as 4500’ and up to 8000’ high on the volcano. Elevation loss and gain will be 8,100′ which is not for the weak.

Lastly but certainly not the least, Sunday July 23rd will host the high country 28k which has similar elevation changes to the 50k. The elevation change involves 4,200′ of gain and loss. If you are in true beast mode, take on the Triple Crown and do all of the races over those three days and get approx. 57 miles and 15,000’ of vertical gain. How’s that for a long weekend? All of the races promise amazing views from beginning to end.

Stick around for some post-race food and beverages and hang out with all the other trail runners who “get it.” There will be a custom finisher award, some live music, and a fun, chill environment to hang out in post-race. If you’ve never done an event with Daybreak Racing, this might be a great one to try.

2023 Wy’east Trailfest 50k/28k/14k $65-350


  • When: July 21st thru July 23rd, 2023
  • Where: Mt Hood Meadows Ski Area, Mt Hood
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