Summer is Coming and new Howler Brothers tops have you (literally) Covered

While you may not be super familiar with Howler Brothers, they are no stranger casual outdoor apparel game. They are rooted in activities like fishing, surfing, and water sports – making them a perfect entity for understanding the importance of protections, comfort, and flexibility.

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Howler Brothers – based in the PDX of the South (i.e. Austin) is a stylish outdoors-focused apparel company. The designs feel laid back – a veritable styling melting pot of hipster, camper, surfer, and country casual.  I have no idea if that makes any sense. Either way, we recently tried out a few new items from the Spring/Summer ’23 catalog – the HB Surf T and Saladita Scout Shirt.

HB Surf T

The HB Surf T is brand new to the Howler Brothers lineup. It looks like it could be a cooler weather running top given it’s visuals, construction (82% recycled polyester, 18% spandex), and thumbholes, but it’s actually made for the summer. Though Howler Brothers recommends this as a surf and swim shirt, we feel it is a great summer shirt for runners.

I have mentioned in a variety of posts before that I have personally had to look inward at my running skin coverage in the summer due to cancer in the family. While I do still have short-sleeved options (and sunscreen to assist), shirts like the HB Surf T are vital as well. It features a UPF 50+ rating to ward off rays. I’m here for that, and this will definitely find its way on my body during runs, but also other outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and playing soccer with my kiddos.

There are two colorways – Antique Black (reviewed) and Near White – both of which provide a stylish simplicity with some logos on the center chest and sleeves. It is designed to fit looser, so there is plenty of room to move around in this.

Saladita Scout Shirt

The Saladita Scout Shirt has a laid-back, beachy vibe. The main colorway is basic, though comes complete with a little flair via an embroidered panel on the side seam. Honestly, it’s pretty much the exact same style as the Bruja Boardshorts (reviewed here). It’s not loud or obnoxious, but definitely stands out in a good way.

The shirt is is made from a lightweight, breathable 100% cotton twill fabric that feels durable yet comfortable. The buttons are sturdy and don’t feel like they’ll fall off anytime soon.

When it comes to wearability, it seems like it will be a go-to this summer. I expect it to keep me cool and comfortable on hot days, and still be able to hold up to multiple more rugged activities like camping and hiking. It has two chest pockets AND two lower pockets as well.

Unlike a lot of stylish, vibey summer shirts out. the Saladita Scout fits loose and allows for plenty of movement. If you want something tighter, you may have to size down. It can be seen as a bit pricey for a casual shirt ($95), but I feel this shirt is in my closet to stay.

Overall, both items are great and offer a casual styling for the summer months ahead. They look good, feel good, and are well-made. Whether you’re looking for some long-sleeved sun coverage or a casual shirt to wear out and about, these are definitely worth checking out!

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Thank you to Howler Brothers for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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