Salomon Pulsar Trail Pro 2 – I Like It!

I’m always happy to sing the praises of Salomon trail running gear – it’s innovative, sleek, and often synonymous with elite. We all know shoes are probably the most subjective piece of running gear and Salomon is coming out with some great options that meet in the middle of minimal vs. high drop.

The Pulsar Trail Pro 2 has a 6mm drop, 3.5mm lugs, my favorite Quicklace system (with lace garage), an integrated gaiter, and something I’ve never said about a Salomon shoe before: a roomy forefoot!

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UntitledThe shape and size of the toebox on the new Pulsar Trail Pro is that it’s a bit more natural-shaped. Salomon is known for having quite a narrow forefoot and these have a bit of roundness to them without losing any security (and this is where the Quicklace comes into play!).

While not new to Salomon, the integrated gaiter makes an appearance on this version and it’s done well. Some other shoe iterations have had a high gaiter (which worked, but was too hot in the summer months) or they get stretched over time, making them loose and rendering them useless.

These have a snug wraparound just below the sock line to prevent rubbing, but keeping out debris as intended. I definitely needed a few sessions of walking and gradually introduce shorter runs to get used to it / break it in a bit, so for me it wasn’t a straight-out-of-the-box transition into these shoes.

UntitledThe Pulsar Trail Pro boasts a springy midsole using Energy Foam. Additionally, the Energy Blade inside helps with propulsion forward (supporting more of a midfoot or forefoot strike over a heel strike), and the shoes don’t feel heavy or weighted-down, despite the look of a rockered and cushioned midsole.

Note, though, that because these have a springier-feel and encourage speed, super technical terrain isn’t where they shine.

The Contragrip outsole makes the shoe a bit on the rigid side due to the Energy Blade (which is the tradeoff) but the lugs are a nice middle ground for traction without adding to the inflexibilty.


Both the women’s and men’s versions come in Rainy Day/Hot Sauce/Freesia (i.e. white) and Carbon/Orchid Bloom/Arctic Ice (i.e. black) color schemes.

These are a great new option for running fast trails and as I’m wont to say these days to keep it short and simple: I like it.


  • Drop: 6mm
  • Weight: 225g
  • Quicklace system
  • Lug depth: 3.5 mm


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Thank you to Salomon for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.
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