Hats Off! Ciele Performance Running Gear is Here

Ciele is a company that’s well known for their hats among bicyclists, runners, and other athletes. They spent 8 years designing and producing premium headwear, and in turn brought us excellent quality and function.

So it should come as no surprise that they decided they wanted to expand and bring us premium technical performance gear. After 3 years in development, Ciele is finally ready to launch their PERFORMANCE RUN collection and bring that same quality to their clothes.

We love the slogan on these. The tag on both items we tried – the SSTShirt and the DLYShort – call them out to be part of the Everybody Run Collection. I couldn’t agree more.


This shirt manages to be a flattering cut even though it looks to be a bit boxy at first glance. Rather than making us feel wide, like some square-cut shirts do, this offers no claustrophobic clinginess and instead offers only a gentle hug. The neckline is a crew-neck style that neither feels strangling or like everything is exposed in the front.

The hemline falls a tad longer in the back than in the front and it’s a great length. There is side venting that not only looks stylish, but also serves a purpose in breathability. The flatlock stitching prevents chafing and that means you’ll stay comfortable even when you’re struggling through the hills.

This shirt borrows from Ciele’s amazing headwear development with a 94% recycled COOLmatic PLUS micro mesh material. It’s feather-light which means it dries lightning fast when it gets wet and sweaty. The cooling and anti-odor technology make it an ideal pick for runners who sweat a lot.


It doesn’t matter how good looking a pair of running shorts are if they aren’t functional, and these have everything a runner needs. These shorts have a zippered back pocket which could easily stash something small like a key, a card, or even a GU or two. Additionally, there are stretchy pockets on the liner beneath the outer shorts and one tiny pocket on the inside lining that could hold a key fob or something similar.

I’m not a fan of short shorts, and the medium/longer lengths on these shorts are usually the shortest we will go. I really do love this style, with the biker-style liner on the inside and the breezy shorts on the outside.

These are reverse stitched so that means no chafe and the fully recycled OekoTeck fabric is the same found in Ciele’s elite program. This keeps them nice and light. There are numerous options – including Syrah, which is the perfect shade of wine.

As with the shirt, the shorts have the COOLmatic PLUS material to help keep them cool even when you get hot, and there’s also something called HeiQ Smart Temp®for accelerated wicking and HeiQ Fresh which helps with odors.


Ciele is doing it all. First premium headwear and now the clothes to match. They get what’s most important to runners.

Though the fabrics that are used are not as soft as many other brands out there, they are super functional and comfortable. Both the shirt and shorts are meant to be light and to wick away moisture, which will be essential when the heat of summer comes and you find yourself out there with no shade and you’re dripping in sweat.



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Products & Price:
  • TSTTShirt
    • Primary fabric: COOLmatic PLUS
    • 94% polyester / 6% polyester
  • DLYShort
    • Primary fabric: EW-1R
    • 100% recycled polyester

Thank you to Ciele for providing us with test clothes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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