Gear Developed in Sweden is (not) Surprisingly Well-Suited for Running in Oregon

I recently realized that I desperately needed an update in my running gear. So I tried out some gear from Craft, known for making high-quality, long-lasting gear with style that’s classier that what you’ll find in non-specialty stores. This Swedish company makes running gear that’s ready for the elements, with a subdued yet sophisticated style that looks good whether you’re going to dinner or for a long run.

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The Craft Women’s Adv Subz Running Sweater 2 is the gear you don’t know that exists, but once you read about it, you’ll want to order one right away (because they’re on sale right now). This is by far my favorite new running gear from the last year.

Oregon weather is weird. Especially in March and April. It’s still cold enough to need gloves in the morning but afternoon runs call for short sleeves. Unless it’s raining, or windy, or just one of those days. 

Oregon runners, however, are fairly predictable. As in, they’re going for their run whether the rain is vertical or horizontal. Wind? It’s strength training! Snow? Oh my gosh, the most fun run of the year. 

What to wear is a legitimate question. I’ve been married long enough that I wait until my husband dresses for his run to know what I would be comfortable in (one more layer plus gloves), but even he’s jealous of the Subz Running Sweater from Craft (it’s on sale now for $90!).

It’s got an extra panel under the quilted front to keep your stomach warm. No more finishing the run and getting the itchies as your skin comes back to life – you’ve got a secret security layer from the cold wind that leaves you bright red from the cold. It’s also got an extra high mock turtleneck that’s roomy enough to cover your mouth and nose when you turn into the wind. 


Add to that the monkeypaws that are long enough that they don’t pull (and I apparently have monkey arms because most monkeypaws do pull) and the longer hemline that covers the top of your tushy, and once you’ve tried it on you realize that this is, in fact, the perfect running shirt for Oregon’s questionable weather 9 months out of the year.

As for the bottom half, tall or long-legged runners will appreciate the Craft Adv Essence Wind Pants. They’re the perfect fit – loose enough that you won’t feel like a toddler in a snowsuit if you add a base layer, but fitted enough that you won’t feel like you’re wearing the sweatpants your mom wore to pick you up from the mall in 1994. They do run a little bit on the small side, so size up and take advantage of the wide elastic waistband and drawstring to make them yours.


The Essence Wind Pants don’t scream “running gear,” so I like them for the days when the best thing on your calendar is your run or walk. They’re actually nice-looking pants that pair with whatever you are comfortable in on top, and are likely to be a wardrobe staple for only $100 if you’re all about functionality and comfort. 

And of course, a springtime run in Oregon wouldn’t be complete without packing some gloves. Wet hands are cold hands, but the Hybrid Weather Glove will give you warmth at the start of the run and then you can tuck the mitten cover away when you warm up. Bonus – these gloves are also great for cyclists. They have a ton of grip and the reflective mitten covers will make you more visible and cut the wind. At $40 these are not gloves you want to let your kids borrow, but if they’re old enough to enjoy a quick 8-mile run, they’ll try.

Thank you to Craft for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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