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Roark’s latest Run Amok Collection (launched 11/4/22) is a collaboration with artist and ultra distance runner, Travis Weller. Here’s more about Travis:

“Running is a major part of Weller’s creative process. It brings clarity into his life. Color is seen more vibrantly on the ridgelines. Emotion is felt more deeply in the forest”.

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It’s also pretty awesome that the artist put this collection to the test for the first time at the local Gorge Waterfalls 100k.

“For many years I saw art and running as two separate parts of my life, subjectivity (art) and objectivity (running). Once l was able to create the space for them to function together and accept they need each other, my relationship with art and running truly blossomed. The concept for this collection is “Far Out Out Far” and this year’s Gorge Waterfalls 100k race seemed like the right time to further explore that concept and wear the collaboration for the first time. A longer race like that will all but guarantee a full range of emotional and physical experiences, getting far out and out far simultaneously.”

The Collection:

This visuals with this artistic collaboration are beautiful to look at. It is described as “celebrat[ing] the inevitable dance with the environment as a runner moves through nature”. The greens and browns bring forward an earthiness that is welcoming. It’s camo-ish, but much better (in my opinion) by providing a neat “order within disorder” vibe, if that makes sense. And really, isn’t that sort of what running is in a sense?

The Mathis Short Sleeve is a supremely quality top. It’s functional enough to use as a running option- with it’s lightweight DriRelease and quick drying construction. It’s also classic-looking, complete with a pocket nonetheless, that it can be a possibility casual wear as well.

Not everyone loves a long short, but I for one am here for them. The Serrano 2.0 Shorts have an 8″ inseam and fit very relaxed. They are unlined and scream to be worn in all settings – as a top-layer over running tights, in the weight room, and on the trails. While not baggy, there is definitely ample room to maneuver and an elastic waist that comes with an interior drawstring but still fits great without. They also work great as a standalone pair as well.

The Serrano’s are surprisingly lightweight considering their length and made from a made from a Repreve (recycled water bottles!) polyester 4-way stretch.There are slash (i.e. angled) pockets, as well as a small zipped pocket on both the side and back.

Overall, we love these this collection. Enough said! The Roark Run Amok X Travis Weller collection will be available at select retailers and online.

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