Suffering Sassafras – the new Autumn collection from Saysky is here!

SAYSKY may not be a running company you have heard of before, but that is starting to change a little. This Denmark-based brand has been around since 2013 and tries to bridge the gap between performance and relaxation, opting to fill a gap for those who care about running, but are less interested in the rat race of fashion. Thus, they churn out items (that often sell out quickly) with items that are extremely functional and with their own distinct style (we have heard it called “urban-Scandinavian”), but not over the top and in your face “look at me!”.

We recently tried out some items from one of Saysky’s latest Autumn Drop- the Sassafras Woodlands!

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As runners who live in activewear 85% of the time, quality is important. We hear people complain a lot about the rising cost of workout gear, but in many respects, you really get what you pay for. If you are an active person, whether it be a runner, a weightlifter, or anything in between, you are used to a certain level of pain or discomfort in getting stronger. Your workout clothes should be the last thing on your mind while you’re trying to reach your fitness goals, and we all know that the wrong gear can make things so much worse. Because we’ve learned that lesson a time or two ourselves, we generally don’t compromise anymore on what we wear.

You might not consider yourself an athlete, but if you move and if you sweat, you are one. Athletes need SAYSKY. The quality of their products is very evident from the moment you pull a shirt or a jacket or anything else out of the shipping bag to the second that you peel it off after your workout. Does it hurt that their products are also stylish? Not at all.

New Collection – Sassafras Woodlands

While Saysky has a diversity of styles each year, their items are more-or-less the same from collection to collection. Ultimately this is good, as it provides consistency and reliability. I know most of us probably have experiences – mostly in shoes – where big changes from year to year can render updates so significant that they are impossible to recognize. That’s not the case here. We have actually reviewed most of these items in previous releases, so the focus is on the style here.

This collection is a bit of throwback for Saysky. Though we weren’t knowledgeable about the company back when (9 years ago), the woodlands camo print was the first one designs that they created. And now its back.

The colorway of the collection is definitely ripe for autumn – earthy burgundy, navy, and green tones interspersed in a runner’s camo styling. I am not much of a true camo wearer, but this unique take on the style is pretty cool. Look for this collection to feature t-shirts, jackets, shorts, tights, pants and accessories – including an updated Element 3L Waterproof Jacket (we reviewed a previous version here) and the 12L Running Commuter Backpack with laptop storage.

Camo Pace Longsleeve

saysky autumn Matt Says: Much about this long sleeve top is similar to others we have tried from Saysky. The collection colorway is front and center with the SAYSKY logo proudly (yet secondarily) displayed on the front and some woven labels on the arm and back. It remains a unisex t-shirt, but the deluxe material seems to have been shifted a little bit to accommodate warmer temperatures. The switch to a 88% Recycled Polyester / 12% Spandex seems to provide a little thicker feel – ideal for the fall and winter. We could still live in this shirt all day, every day.

Nikki Says: I can wear this brand pretty much all day, and sometimes that happens when my schedule is packed.  Saysky has got their material blend dialed in so it not only looks great, but it feels great too. The long sleeved top is stretchier than what you’d find with many other brands, and it’s also really durable and strong as well. I don’t feel this material would catch on a hydration vest or a branch in the wild, and I tend to be tough on my gear. I love the feel of the brushed material inside of this shirt, which makes for a really soft, luxurious feel.

Camo Pace Jacket

saysky autumn7 Matt Says: The jacket follows the same format as the Longsleeve – the same but a tiny shift to make it cater to the cooler temperatures. It remains as good looking “in real life” with its camo print as in the pictures on the website and feels comfortably enough to put on and run in when you otherwise maybe don’t want to. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, a jacket like this designed to withstand the wind is a must.

What is a little different is the shifting of the materials from a blend to a full 100% polyester construction. It seems just a tad more “strong” and durable as a result.

Nikki Says: I really dig this jacket. It’s very lightweight and durable, but it withstands the wind and some rain for a typical Pacific NW kind of day. The SAYSKYDRY performance fabric wicks away moisture well and there are pinsholes on the sides of the jacket to help with ventilation. The sleeves are great because the cuffs are soft and stretchy with thumbholes and  it will protect your hands from the elements like gloves. There are also decent-sized side pockets both inside and outside of the jacket and a reflective strip on the back to help with visability as the days get darker.

Blaze Tights

saysky autumn2 Matt Says: These tights are the lone item we received that appear unchanged. I am not tights wearer often, but its evident that Saysky’s Blaze Tights could make me one. My main issue over the years is that if tights don’t fit me just right, I end up tugging them up a lot. That leads me to being frustrated and admonishing them deep in my wardrobe. The waistband is not as thick as some of the other brands out there, but that doesn’t translate to them falling or sagging. There has only been minimal budging in these – so that’s a huge win. It’s also super soft to the touch.

Nikki Says: As mentioned above, these tights have not changed since the last pair we reviewed, but classics shouldn’t be messed with. The Women’s Blaze Tights I received are a gorgoeous burgundy color that is perfect for Fall. Not only is the color great, but the material is just what I need this season. They are warm but not hot, which is ideal as the rain and wind start to settle into Oregon. They also have the brushed interior that makes the longsleeve shirt so amazing.  I also love that there is an internal drawstring so you can decided how tight or loose you need them and they will stay up without a problem. They are also nice and long so they will cover your ankles when it’s cold. I anticipate wearing these all Fall and Winter.

As with all Saysky gear, they are extremely comfortable and very high quality. There is a small zipped pocket on the back that would be perfect for a GU or key. Though these are on the higher scale price-wise, you can definitely see and feel where the extra money is going when you take them out for a sweat session. We recommend checking out any style of Blaze Tights on their website.

High Merino Socks

This Spring, we received a pair of Performance Merino Running Socks that they basically never released because the product was not up to their standards. These issues have been remedied and we received a few pairs to check out.

They feel a little thicker than the first version we received, and that may be by design. They seem more durable and ideal for colder running because of the merino wool mix allowing for a warmer (yet still breathable) construction. Merino will still allow for enhanced breathability, but these are sure to be solid heading into the dark and damp PNW winters.


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Thank you to SAYSKY for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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