Is this Foehn hoody made for the PNW runner? We think so.

We are back talking about Foehn again for an item uniquely designed as the weather turns from summer to fall – the Magna Polartec Power Stretch Pro Hoody.

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At its surface level this hoody looks pretty simplistic. Classic black is the only colorway available and that’s a good choice. But despite its simple outward appearance, there is a lot going on.

The marriage of Japanese nylon over Power Stretch performance fleece works as great as it looks. That makes it the perfect option to wear out on a cool run, or in any other casual setting where having a little enhanced protection against the wind and elements is necessary.


It seems that many “fancy” hoodies on the market tend to fit on super slim side. However this one, while still partially streamlined, definitely has enough room to layer with ease. There is a bit of stretch to it, so you will have some room, but still take note on your preferred style of fit. It honestly fits like a hoody should in my opinion.

As someone with long arms, I would have preferred them to be just a taaaad longer. I know I am the abnormality here, so likely this won’t be as huge an issue for most out there. And, honestly, it hasn’t done anything to lessen my enjoyment of this top. I still continue to wear it basically every day since the weather turned from summer into fall.

The back of the hood and waist both have a bungee drawstring to keep things even more taut and secure when the weather dictates the need.


“If you don’t like the weather in Oregon, just wait 10 minutes.”

That’s a quote that many Oregonians like to toss out due to the seemingly ever-changing patterns that fill our beautiful skies. While I have come to love the diversity of the weather here in the Pacific Northwest, it can sometimes be a pain knowing what to appropriately wear on any given day. This hoody kills two birds with one stone – and has you prepared for all that Oregon has to offer.

The Polartec construction makes this an ideal use in conditions 50 degrees down to just below freezing. It’s basically a perfect middle-ground option for most days in the Willamette Valley from November through March. There are also some strategically placed ventilation holes (see above) so you don’t overheat along the way.



This hoody is damn nice – we really can’t stop wearing it – but it also comes with a price (literally). At $250, this top is likely to be up there with anything you own in your closet. That being said, it is an investment that will not only keep you warm and comfy this year, but also for years to come. I’d rather invest in a top that is going to last me for years on end, then fill up a landfill or goodwill with a half dozen options that are of lesser quality.


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