Sweater Weather is upon us – and so is Heimplanet

After a long summer, it is definitely turning into sweater weather out there (shout out to The Neighbourhood). Running tanks are switching to long sleeves, shorts to tights, and inevitably light jackets are turning into sweaters. The HPT Crewneck from Heimplanet is a sleek addition to the style.

Heimplanet makes gear for the outdoors – from tents to packs to apparel. Basically, they know a thing or two about protecting active individuals from the weather the world throws at us. Their HPT Crewneck is an option that works in all kinds of scenarios – a multitool of cool weather wear. It’s fashionable to look great as a casual standalone option, but functional enough to be used for outdoor activities this fall – like hiking or tossing on after a run. It could even fit the bill as a running sweater in a pinch.

As far as function goes, it is quick-drying – an important feature for the PNW – and quite durable. Heimplanet claims that “due to the material mix, the fabric has a super shape retention and stays in shape for a long time – even after frequent wearing and washing“. After approximately a month’s worth of wear and washes, we can say that we believe it. This top has held up super well thus far. This makes the crewneck sweater also very durable and sustainable.

A cool little addition is the ability to easily transport – and not in the way you are probably thinking. Near the cuff and elbow of the left arm are small elastic loops. At first I thought it was just to provide a little accessorizing – until I noticed the small buttoned flap on the right arm. In a nutshell, combine them together and you can carry this along in whatever way you see fit (Heimplanet mentions across the body, over the shoulder or on the hip). There is also a small foldover pocket near the left rear hem for minor storage needs.

The fit and feel of this sweater is fantastic. The polyester/wool blend is super soft and I really just love putting it on. There’s definitely enough insulation to stay warm, yet it isn’t overpoweringly heavy. I continue to wear this any chance I get.

The HPT Crewneck comes in light grey (reviewed) and anthracite. Highly Recommended.

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Product & Price:
  • HPT Crewneck | $155
    • 55% Polyester, 40% Merino Wool, 5% Spandex

Thank you to Heimplanet for providing us with a sample. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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