Your new favorite Running Shorts are here and they are from a Sportswear X Streetwear brand LSKD

It’s always fun to stumble into a new company that is looking at entering the running game. Our latest review features what I may be considering the best new running shorts in the game – and from a non-running brand – LSKD. LSKD (shorthand for Loose Kid) is an Austrailian brand that has its roots in activewear with a street aesthetic.

We’re inspired by the restless few who influence style, shape the future and chase the vibe. We strongly value the community we’ve created that live their daily striving to be 1% better within our 3 pillars of sport, fitness and adventure.

While they do have an array of “Perfomance Shorts” have been trying out a new pair that has a running-specific focus – the UltraAir 6″ Lined Performance Shorts.


By design, LSKD has created a pair of shorts that are simplistic and provided just a little hint of extra flair. The shorts are black, but have a dotted fabric that gives it a little bit to stand out. Logos sits on the bottom of the leg and via a tab on the rear waistband – both locations not enough to be visually obtrusive, but enough to allow for fellow runners to ask you how you pronounce the name of the company.


These shorts not only fit true to size and great when pulling on out of the packaging, but our first few runs have yielded no chafing issues. This affliction is sort of hit or miss for me – especially in pairs that have a built in liner like this. However, it has totally held in place and provided a nice secure mesh inner with no issues (perhaps chalk that up a little to the strategic silicone dots on the bottom of the liner).

The fabric on the outside is really lightweight and breathable – with enough heft to let you know its there, but not enough to weigh you down. There was ample stretch – allowing it to fit a little bit of a slimmer profile, but with no constriction along the way.

The 6″ inseam fit is a perfect sweet spot for me, as well – though I know not everyone agrees.



Even though this pair of shorts is minimalistic in nature, they really have quite a few nice features tucked away. The see-through waistband is vented to allow for breathability. It also stretches and secures nicely with an internal waist drawcord. The shorts have all the makings of what is essentially standard in running options nowadays – i.e. moisture wicking and quick-drying.

The shorts feature three pockets – though the shorts themselves seem strategically constructed to not carry much. There is a zipped rear-facing pocket on the right side, a small internal pocket on the back left hip for a key or headphones case, and a final one on the right leg of the liner that can be used for a phone if you desire.

There are even some reflective detailing at the bottom rear of the shorts for a tiny bit of safety in a pinch.

For Consideration:

These are pricy shorts – there is no way to sugarcoat it. At $90, its a large investment and one you have to take seriously. We have been wearing in our regular rotation over the past month or so and believe they are well made and will hold up to the wear and tear. We also have been moving these up in the rotation after washes as we are sort of obsessed with them right now.  Overall, we think the investment is worth it, but one that you have to consider in your own budget.



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Thank you to LSKD for providing us with test shorts. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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