You Better Run – Check out the new Roark x Motörhead Collab

Loud. Fast. Chaotic.

Those three words often describe my training runs. They can also be used to describe long-time heavy metal rockers Motörhead. Put the two together and you have a whirlwind of heart pumping, head banging goodness. Enter the Roark x Motörhead collaboration.

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This collection of breathable activewear has been live for about a month now and kicked off with drinks at Lemmy’s second home, LA’s Rainbow Bar & Grill, followed by a 4-mile run to the Roark Store in La Brea  for music, a photo exhibit and a good time. While we wish we could have been there, we have gotten to try out the Mathis Raglan Knit.

This is as straight-forward and to the point as their song Ace of Spades. The top is made for runners – combing moisture-wicking and fast-drying material with a soft feel. The raglan sleeves are unique, but I personally love the uniqueness of it. The logo is an homage to a great Motörhead track and provides a little metal without completely blowing your eardums out.

We wish we could have checked more items out from this collab (looking at you Trail Button up Shirt), but there is still time for all of us to hop in the pit and grab a few items.

“On your feet you feel the beat, it goes straight to your spine,

shake your head you must be dead if it don’t make you fly”

– “Overkill” (Overkill, 1979)

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