Tracksmith has You Covered this Fall

You can’t do much better in quality than Tracksmith. Their clothes are stylish with a classic look and they will wear well over time. These clothes are everyday training staples that are versatile in providing great performance gear that’s actually comfy enough to wear all day.

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The Harrier  offers a casual take on a long sleeved running top that can seemingly be worn in casual settings as well. The six colorways are all solid (literally and figuratively) in nature – providing a straightforward look.

It is a little more geared towards chillier temperatures with almost 90%+ Merino Wool. And us runners know the benefits of Merino – moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and odor-resistant features. We’d probably recommend sizing up again, but it seemed to fit a little truer to size than the Horizon.

As we leave Summer and head into Fall, one key item in all closets in the PNW should be a good baselayer option. Baselayers provide that extra bit of protection to keep the chill out and the heat in. The Brighton Base Layer can fit that bill. It’s a little pricy, but the Merino blend construction will for sure keep you happy.

While made to be worn under a tank or tee in the chillier months, it can absolutely be used as a standalone option. In fact, with the faint diagonal stripe that Tracksmith in known for, it’s begging to be shown off as well.

In all of these tops, I do wish the sleeves were just a tad longer, but ultimately I know I have longer extremities and ended up spending so much of the wear tests rolling my sleeves up anyways, that it didn’t really matter.

Tracksmith’s Turnover Tights are not new (actually a best seller), but have a few updates this fall. Outside of some delightfully fresh Fall colorways, they are extended for a full length option.

As far as tights go, these are pretty top notch. They are super lightweight and the Inverno Blend fabric is as soft as it is functional. I was able to get a full range of motion while not feeling constricted at the same time. They have been great on some cooler late-summer nights and will be even better as the seasons change even further.

All of these items come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for your cold weather running needs.


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Thank you to Tracksmith for providing us with test tights and tops. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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