A Collaboaration for Good – Cotopaxi X Bombas

I don’t know what it is, but we seem to be in the season of collaborations. Within the past few months, we have showcased some really cool gear from some great crossover companies. Next step is some items from Cotopaxi X Bombas.

To be fair, this collaboration skews more towards the hiking and outdoors than true running. But if you’re anything like us bloggers here at Run Oregon –  spending time outdoors, regardless of the activity, that’s where we love to be.

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Bombas is sort of a staple in the sock community. The Merino Wool Hiking Calf Socks (other lengths are available too) are not only super comfortable and functional, but they also provide a really unique component – thanks to their partnership with Cotopaxi: You won’t know what color your socks are until they arrive.

The partnership with Cotopaxi goes a little deeper than the style though. These are partly made with leftover Merino Wool from Bombas’ many past collections. Utilizing these leftover yarns is a technique they learned from Cotopaxi. This is super awesome as that it keeps materials out of landfills and also creates those unique color combinations.

Cotopaxi is also learning something from Bombas – in the form of being connected with a great community partner. Bombas has had a long relationship with Community Solutions, a nonprofit committed to ending homelessness – and now Cotopaxi does too. They are also now providing a “One Purchased = One Donated” initiative where they donate a pair of socks for every pair in this collaboration that is purchased.

The collaboration on the Cotopaxi side comes courtesy of their Bataan 3L Fanny Pack – Del Día Fanny Pack. It follows the same idea that fabric is 100% repurposed and your specific design of the pack will be unknown until it shows up on your door.

Fanny packs aren’t for everybody, but I think they are making a bit of a comeback. My 13-year old loves hers, so I will take that as a sign. It is nice to have a little storage at the ready (I wish I had this for our recent trip to Disneyland), as well as being super adjustable and light. The two internal pockets (see below) are a nice addition for some minor organization needs.

If you feel you want both of these items, check out their collaboration options.

Not only is this collaboration providing quality outdoor gear, but it is really one rooted in doing good for the world and the community. Overall, the Cotopaxi x Bombas collab is awesome. – which may be the least surprising comment ever.

Cotopaxi x Bombas

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Thank you to Cotopaxi x Bombas for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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