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We are right in the middle the heat of summer weather – which means that it’s time to find some new shirts. We were recently sent a few items from Kitsbow – a company who is mostly rooted in the cycling world but makes some shirts that are great for running.


The Superflow Cooling Tee and Mullinax Merino Tee are two good looking shirts – functional but simple in looks. Each shirt comes in at least a half dozen colorways, some more subdued than others. Personally, I prefer a little flair with my fitness so the colors we received were top notch.

The Mullinax has some more visible outward stitching, which adds a little character as well.

Fit & Function:

I really love the way that the Superflow Cooling Tee fits. It seems to have a more relaxed fit than many running shirts out there – though it is not baggy by any means. I found it long enough to cover my extended torso – something that doesn’t always happen (i.e. the Mullinax was definitely shorter). This is also due to the scooped cut, where the back of the shirt curves lower than the front instead of both being a straight cut.

I am beginning to love shirts with longer and tighter sleeves – as they seem (at least to me) to cause less rubbing underneath the arms if the sleeves aren’t cut quite right.  It also feels really soft and the almost see through vented material is a joy to wear on the body. I can definitely see why they call it “Superflow” tee, as I felt very happy to have airflow during these warm runs.

The Mullinax needed a wash prior to wearing (probably smart anyways), as it proved to be a little itchy out of the bag. This wasn’t an issue after this, so no need to worry if you are scratching yourself a little bit at first. Like I mentioned above, it fit a little shorter on the torso and the cut, while a little curved, is more straight across than the Superflow. Thus, it fits just a tiny bit short of where I’d prefer it on my body – but I am unique in that way and most runners won’t experience it that way. The Mullinax is buttery soft to the touch and the Merino construction means it is going to help with odor and moisture control, as well as durability.

Both shirts have a cool added quality of a slight pad along the back of the neck. I think this helps a little bit with sweat management and comfort, which is cool. You aren’t likely to notice it when wearing either, but its neat nonetheless.


The prices may seem a bit high for shirts, but know this – each shirt is cut and handstitched in North Carolina. Today, only about 2% of clothes purchased in the U.S. are made here so you know you are truly supporting local and supporting the skill of crafting premium apparel here in America.



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Thank you to Kitsbow for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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