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Right now, there are a variety of companies who are on the rise in the running world and two that we feel have been killing it of late are getting together for a duet of sorts. The new collaboration between these two seemingly different companies – Kane x Athletic Brewing – features some footwear that is almost as enjoyable in recovering from a run than a cold beer.

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COME BACK BETTER. This is Kane Footwear’s philosophy. We’re all tough on our bodies, especially if you’re any sort of athlete. Many of us have our footwear dialed in for running, but what do you do when you get home and you want a pair of shoes to relax in?

I’ve never been a fan of the style of shoes I once referred to as “gardening shoes” – you know, plastic with little holes in them. But someone passed down some Crocs to us for my kids several years ago, and they pretty much live in them, so I started thinking about function rather than fashion.

The Kane Revive is a recovery shoe that’s made with Brazilian sugarcane. Sugarcane is a renewable resource that reduces greenhouse gases by capturing CO2 as it grows. In addition to using this natural technology, Kane has committed to donating approx. 1% of sales to environmental nonprofits. Even the packaging of the footwear is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

So now you know that the environmental impact is important at Kane, so what about the shoes themselves? The shoes have a proprietary blend of EVA, a 10mm heel raise, and arch support to really help alleviate foot and leg muscle aches and pains. The Kane Revive has six recovery features:

  • BREATHES: I mean, take a look at them. Holes. Lots of holes. But not only are there exterior perforations, but there are interior channels that also help with airflow.
  • STIMULATES: There are raised footbed nodes that help activate blood flow on your foot’s pressure points.
  • SUPPORTS: The anatomical design secures your heel, arch, and instep.
  • REBOUNDS: These are a great ride, with a smooth transition and energy return throughout the whole foot.
  • CUSHIONS: There’s a dual density construction to the shoes, providing great cushion and support. The BounceBack foam was created from the Brazilian sugarcane mentioned above.
  • GRIPS: The oversized channels and soles provide some great traction and flexibility.

I tried on the Kanes as soon as I got them, and they felt good. My size 12 fit as expected with no sizing difference needed for me. While I kind of wished that they were more of a slide style (mostly just a person preference) they are still easy to get on. And once they were, they were very comfortable yet supportive, which is just what I needed to keep myself moving. They have a wonderful bounce to them and they were also pretty cool for a triple digit degree day. I

Keeping the Kane Revive shoes clean is simple. They are waterproof and machine washable at cold temperatures. They are made of a bio-based closed-cell BounceBack foam, which doesn’t absorb moisture. This means they are just as functional in water as they are on land, and they dry very quickly.

Kane doesn’t use animals for testing, and there is no animal-sourced glue for their dual-density construction. The shoes are completely vegan.

Though the  Kane x Athletic Brewing collab colorway is awesome, Kane also has a ton of different color combinations to choose from. They even come with a couple of colors of strings (in this case, yellow and white) to change up your accent colors.

Kane x Athletic Brewing

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Thank you to Kane & Athletic Brewing for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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