Seeking Euphoria in Aotearoa: Season 3 of Run Amok Collection from Roark is upon us

Season 3 of the Run Amok Collection from Roark is inspired by the Isle of Aotearoa (New Zealand if you were wondering) “with the rolling hills and towering peaks as Roark’s guide“. Run Oregon probably isn’t headed to NZ any time soon (though one can hope), so wearing some new gear inspired by this area will have to do.

After a few years of lessened travel, my mind has been in vacation / runcation mode for much of 2022. So this collection fit right in with my mindset.

The Alta Shorts are a straightforward running short with a little bit of understated flare. Like many running shorts on the market, they provide a lot of nice, non-compressive stretch with it’s nylon construction and a water-resistant finish. There are slits on the side for more room and a three pockets on the back – a zipped middle and two smaller ones on either side – for small storage.

We found that the middle pocket held up well to light items and thought it was a nice touch to have it constructed with a waterproof fabric to limit the amount of stretch that inevitably builds up in other pairs (I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled out a gross $20 bill to pay for something and then immediately paying with card because I felt bad. Gross).

There is also a lighter and shorter version – the Alta Light Shorts in 5 in. There’s a little less spandex, but these beg to be worn when running fast. It has the same pockets as the standard Alta Shorts, and has a stretchy loop on the middle back waistband that can be used to hold onto your lightweight tank or tee for when the heat becomes too much.

The brief liner in both pairs have felt fine and yielded no chafing. there are four designs to choose from, but  our review was a perfect complement to the Vacay Tee. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the designs to be frank.

The final shorts we tried out were the Bommer 2.0 Shorts. These are probably shorts geared more towards multifunctionality than a true running short – though it will have no issues with the latter. They fit longer and have an internal compression boxer brief as opposed to a brief. As a result it’s also a little heavier making a tad more ideal for taking out on the trails than when road racing. They have a pocket on either side that are, uniquely, magentic to allow for both security on runs AND easy access. Genius. There are two additional small zipped pockets as well as one on the compression leg as well. So much storage.

We also love the colors within these shorts. There are 4 options, each with artwork and design from the Run Amok collection, but we feel our pair with the unique image on the right leg and “Strange on the Range” on the left takes the cake.

Overall, the real only drawback we see is the price. They run a little higher than other options out there – but its really quality and stylish gear nonetheless.

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