Does the runner choose the path, or the path the runner? Either way, we are choosing PATH Projects

Run Oregon has been aware of PATH Projects for a few years now. In 2018 we reviewed their hooded top, in 2019 we reviewed their awesome gym shorts (which I still wear religiously), and 2020 saw us check out a new pair of running shorts. This year, we are revisiting their line with a full kit of gear that showcases some of the latest and greatest in their running arsenal.

More about Path Projects:

PATH projects went live in summer 2017 with what we firmly believe is the finest running apparel you will ever experience. Designs and technical fabrics that outperform, out style and out-run anyone. Running shorts, tops, base layers and headwear – everything we build is high-end, timeless in style and unmatched in price.

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In piggybacking off of the “More About” section above – PATH Projects has always seemed to make straightforward gear with a classic style. Each item we received is pretty classic and standard – there’s not a ton that is “out there”. I appreciate some spectacle and flair in my running gear from time to time, but I also love a classic style that just looks fresh and ready for no-nonsense running – and these provide that.

The tank comes in a beautiful and classic grey and the baselayer comes only in black. The other three items all have a handful of different colors to choose from – but you are looking mostly in the black/white/grey/navy aura of colors.

Fit & Function:

The Andes AD Running Tank is a super lightweight option the fits a bit on the slimmer side. It’s the perfect time of year to wear this as the airy and breathable Airdot mesh is both comfortable and breathable. The venting holes allow this to happen with ease on those warm weather runs. It really is super surprisingly how soft this feels.

The Sykes PX Running Shorts come in two lengths – 5″ and 7″. PATH Projects shorts are always unlined – meaning you will need to keep yourself put together with the Lynx PD Baselayer or some other undergarment. The shorts are made primarily from Toray Primeflex, a spiral yarn that allows for all over stretch.

Additionally, it has all the other qualities we expect in our running shorts nowadays – breathability, durability, and comfort. They are light – making it a great option for whatever run you have ahead. They also come with three pockets in the back – all zipped – a larger one in the center and one on each side rear for smaller storage.

It may not seem exactly like long-sleeved weather currently, but the Pyrenees Hooded LS Tee is a solid option for those of us who have to be careful running in the sun. It is made from a Tencel blend fabric that keeps things light and has a more relaxed fit to make layering easier.

The unsung awesomeness comes in the commitment to full coverage – from the sun in the summer and the rain in the fall and spring. Not only is there a “snorkel” hood on it and sleeves that extend completely over the hands – there is a slot on the left arm to allow for you to check your watch without having to pull up your sleeves. So cool!

The Muir Breathable Running Hat has a classic look to it from a distance, but up close there is some cool tech. Specifically, the 94 2mm holes on the top and side panels. Hello breathability! It’s super light and I had no issues with comfort. It’s just a solidly consistent running hat.

Reviewing underwear isn’t exactly foreign to us at Run Oregon, so the Lynx PD Baselayer isn’t totally out of place here. This option is new to PATH Projects and is designed for the summer months. The Polartec Power Dry construction is both really light and also knows it’s place in the world – down.

I haven’t experienced any chafing or rising when utilizing these on my runs. And if history is any indicator, these will stay good for a long time. We are still faithfully using our other PATH Projects baselayer from 2020 and they keep on trucking along!


We continue to really love what PATH Projects puts out there. I am fairly certain that, in the 4+ years of trying gear from them, that all are still in my running / fitness rotation. They have a timeless look, coupled with a clear and obvious durability for us, that makes their price points on all of their items that much more impressive. It isn’t too often that an entire kit can be purchased for just over $200 (as these 5 items would total) and still have them holding up like new for 3+ years! RECOMMENDED.

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Thank you to Path Projects for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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