Run Within Summer 2022 is here

Run Within Short Sleeve & Linerless Shorts

The 2022 Run Within collection currently has a few items in it:

  • Tees
  • Tanks & Crops
  • LS Tops
  • Shorts

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Run Within Crew

While this collection is being released as we enter the summer, we elected to start our review with an item that seems more destined for milder temperatures. We did so, because we LOVE this top. It’s beautiful to look at (we reviewed the Honeydew/Indigo Rush version – swoon) and the internal feel against the body is buttery smooth.

As far as function goes, it’s definitely breathable enough for running in 9+ months of the year (outside of the sweltering heat of the summer) and can easily be coupled into indoor activities (or worn casually, in my opinion) as well. The construction is “semi-fitted” and definitely fits more snug than the Short Sleeve tee (see below). The cuffs fit a little tighter around the wrist, but not so much that you couldn’t roll the sleeves up near the elbow if you wish. Personally, I wish the sleeves were just a fraaaaction longer, but us long-armed people often face this struggle so its definitely not a dealbreaker.

There is a small zipped pocket near the bottom left hem for easy storage. The Crew is also made with recycled fabric equal to 31 plastic water bottles, which is awesome! Overall, we can’t get enough of this one.

Run Within 2-in-1 Shorts

brooks shorts 2in1I’m a girl with “power” thighs and I’m always looking for shorts that are comfortable to run in that won’t chafe. Generally, I’m stuck with biker-style shorts, but I’m always on the search for something flowier so I can mix it up. The 2-in-1 Shorts would appear to have the best of both worlds, with soft liner shorts under a stretchy outer short.

As you would expect from Brooks, the material feels luxurious and comfortable. The shorts have great stretchability and are also lightweight without sacrificing quality. The waistband is flat and has a lot of give to it. There are two small inner front pockets in the liner near your hips that are perfect for a key fob or a gel or two. The pockets are not big enough for a phone and I do wish there were side pockets on the outside, but I imagine that could be difficult due to the design of the cut on the outer shorts.

To my other thick thighed ladies, I will say this: These shorts DID ride up on me while I was running in them. However, if I’d worn a smaller size and had more compression in the liner shorts, perhaps this wouldn’t have been an issue. The shorts were instead a tiny bit larger than I needed them to be. I have them in a size large and I think a medium might have been better. You should also factor in, of course, your body type and what you need these shorts to do for you. The 2-in-1 shorts are cute and I will for sure wear them a lot this summer, but I don’t think I’ll risk running in them again.



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