Badasses Only – Check out the BADCAT Ultra Distance Triathlon

BADCAT? More like BADASS!!! For those of you hardcore ultra runners and athletes out there, perhaps you’ve been looking for an event to take your badassery (is that a word?) up a notch. Perhaps a mere 100 mile ultra run was too easy for you. Or maybe that Ironman Tri was a walk in the park. Maybe it’s time you signed up for the BADCAT!

What is the BADCAT Ultra Distance Triathlon? Only one of the gnarliest ultra triathlons out there! Started in 2018 in Utah, the race now takes place in Bend near Mt Bachelor. The event was originally designed for 3 person teams, but according to Brandon Mader, the race director, only in that first year did they have a relay team.

The event kicks off in Crane Prairie with 4 loops (7.5 miles each) in your kayak (or SUP). Racers then hop on their bikes for 145 glorious miles of sweet single track. Finally, the trail run course consists of a 30K single-track, trail loop, run 3 times, before a final 6 miles to Wanoga Snow Park for the finish. That’s a total of 239 miles!

There is also a short course consisting of a 20K kayak (or SUP), 70 mile bike, and 40 mile run, for a total of 122 miles. Either distance is ideal for a 3-person team, but both events can be run solo. And if you think that sounds nuts, it’s been done at this event!

Because of the nature of this race, there are some stringent qualifiers before you toe the line. However, the course is well suited for a crew to support you or your team.

  • Dates: Kayak begins at 7am Friday, September 9th.
  • Race stats:
    • Long course mountain bike = 16,000’ gain.
    • Long course run = 6,000’ gain (numbers are approximates).
    • Short course bike = 8,000’ gain.
    • Short course run = 4,000’ gain (numbers are approximate).
  • Cutoffs:
    • Kayak = 17 hours.
    • Bike = 83 hours.
    • Run = 34 hours.
  • Cost:
    • Long course solo = $325.
    • Short course 3-person = $495 ($165 per person).
    • Short course solo = $240.
  • Registration: UltraSignup
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