Summer Time and the Running’s Easy in CoolLife tops from LifeLabs

While we got a late start to warmer weather here in Oregon for the first time in a while, you know that’s not always going to be the case. LifeLabs, not exactly a running apparel company, does utilize science to create a few items that are wonderful for summer running. 

CoolLife Tee

As far as looks go, these tops are supposed to be more casual but they actually can absolutely work in the running sphere. They are soft to the touch and almost have a “tech shirt” feel and look to it. Their CoolLife Tee is actually rooted in tech that literally keeps your body cooler. This is due to the a yard-based tech that allows body heat to escape and can actually keep you up to 3 degrees cooler compared to other similar fabric.

We could go on and on about that, but we recommend you check out their page on it. Here’s a little more:

  • CoolLife is the world’s first infrared-transparent fabric that releases your body heat to cool your temperature 3°F more effectively than comparable fabrics.
  • Polyethylene, a sustainable, recyclable polymer, transfers body heat away from the skin more efficiently than any other performance fabric in the world.

It’s probably hard to gauge 3 degrees on a day to day basis, but a few warmer runs I have tried out in these have felt quite nice. I think there is definitely a difference and, only at $49, it’s not something that is too pricy enough to not try. The world’s not getting any colder friends!

On top of that, it has the same great qualities we expect from our tees – lightweight, breathable, smell-resistant, and quick-drying. It is simplistic in its visuals, but definitely not in its function. We likey.

CoolLife Sun Shield Windbreaker

While a long-sleeve tee is not usually seen as a summer running item, it is when said item features a 50+ UPF rating. As a runner with a father who passed away from skin cancer, I know the importance of sun coverage. The CoolLife Sun Shield Windbreaker is infused with titanium dioxide – a natural reef-safe material that can provide protection from the sun without weighing it down. It has the same CoolLife technology in it as the shirts, so it is helpful in not overheating.

This top is truly lightweight and very possible to wear on runs. Personally I love it as an option to take to those random 70+ degree days at the beach or when casually wearing around in times where there is no shade to be found. I personally wish the sleeves were a tad longer, but that’s just a personal preference. I did like that there is some stretch around the cuffs so that it is easy to roll up without being uncomfortable.

They also have a full-zip option (my personal favorite) if quarter zips aren’t your thing.

In all of these items, sustainability is at the core of LifeLabs and we can’t wait to check out more from them.


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Thank you to LifeLabs for providing us with test items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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