It’s Wet in Oregon – Why Aren’t we Wearing DUER’s All-Weather Denim?!

We are checking out a pair of DUER’s All-Weather Denim, a pair of jeans that is outfitted with a wind and waterproof membrane – making it a likely favorite of us here in the damp PNW. So what exactly is All-Weather Denim?

All-Weather Denim™ offers unbeatable protection against the elements. Combining the signature comfort and performance of L2X—COOLMAX® for temperature control, Lycra® for stretch, and cotton for comfort—with a water and windproof membrane, you’ll be covered no matter what. Subtle reflective details under the cuff add bonus low light visibility.

I mean, if that doesn’t scream “Oregon” than I don’t know what does.

As with all DUER items we have tried, the fit is pretty top-notch. In all the pieces in my closet, they all fit the same – no crazy sizing issues from piece to piece. Many companies try to find the sweet spot, and I truly believe DUER truly nails it.

These are slim-fit with a little taper at the end and, again, just feel right. Even having that slimmer profile, these pants have enough stretch in them that it’s not uncomfortable. While these are everyday pants, they are essentially created with a cyclist in mind. Aside from the cuffed bottoms that have reflective qualities when worn in that fashion, I know there are more than a few of us who have foregone cars in favor of bikes to get to work. And there’s nothing worse than being caught in a storm and being miserable the rest of the day. Clearly, the weatherproof qualities are vital in this sense.

DUER All-Weather Denim

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It is really odd to be wearing a pair of jeans on the outside and knowing there’s a barrier inside that keeps you dry. If you have ever worn jeans in the rain you know how soggy, heavy, and uncomfortable it can be. But these pants are different – wet on the outside stays on the outside. It’s sorta trippy to be honest. The denim does stay wet (and a little heavy) like standard jeans in the rain, but on the inside my legs were dry and comfortable.

There are a few notes in these pants – one that seems smaller and one mildly larger. First, due to the construction of these jeans, there is a slight “swishing” sounds when walking. Obviously that’s necessary to have the weatherproof characteristics, but it is something to note. Honestly, I only hear it when I first put them on, and I actually had to tell my wife about the swishing or she said she wouldn’t have noticed it.

The other is the price. At $199, these pants are probably a little more than your standard jeans in your closet. However, you are paying for quality and a feature that will keep you happy (and dry!) over time. And I bet more than a few of us have paid half that amount for a pair that becomes unwearable in some seasons. It’s an investment for sure, but one that may just be worth your while.

Overall, I really love these pants. This winter has been, simply put, WET and these held up to the challenge. These pants, and all their other gear, can be purchased online and at some stores in the PNW, including Portland, Sandy, Eugene, Newport, Bend, Ashland, and Hood River.

Company: DUER

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Product & Price:
  • All Weather Denim ($199)
    • 70% Cotton
    • 28% Coolmax® All Season Polyester
    • 2% LYCRA® Spandex
    • Membrane: 100% Polyester
More about DUER:

DUER started in 2013 when an entrepreneur wanted to bridge the gap between fashion and functional clothing. With 25 years making jeans for big names like Levi Strauss and a new love of cycling, Gary Lenett saw an opportunity for purposeful fashion that didn’t exist on the market. He partnered with Abid Hafeez, a performance fabric expert with over 25 years of experience with technical brands, and DUER was born.

Since then, our clothes can be found on the likes of professional athletes, commuters, and every adventurer in-between.


Thank you to DUER for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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