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Although I wish it was possible to wear running clothes all day, I have a job that requires me to spend 40+ hours/ week in dress clothes. I consider myself mostly fit and I like my dress clothes fitting a certain way. It becomes difficult at times to find the correct fit – as it seems that many mass-produced shirts are not created equal – in size or quality. A medium in one brand can fit great, while the same size in a different brand can be totally off.

State & Liberty shirts are definitely made for the fit and active man. Their shirts are moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and utilize a special blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester (called their “NS2”) for comfort and stretch. And perhaps the most important thing to note is that the cut is designed for what would be considered a “V” body type – roomier in the shoulders, arms, and chest, tailored throughout the middle, and slim in the waist. Not everyone is comfortable in this type of fit, so make sure you know that going in.

The shirt itself is super comfortable. It is very light and soft to the touch, and also has enough stretch to allow it to fit snugly while still allowing for a little bit of give. I ended up returning my first pair (medium) and sizing up to get a little bit more room. If you are wondering where you fall in line on the size scale, I may recommend going a size larger.

I also appreciate that these shirts are machine washable. As much as I like to appropriately care for my dress clothes, I will admit that with 3 kids in the house, free time is limited. If I have to decide between going to a soccer game or ballet recital and mixing in drycleaning, ironing, and starching – my girls are going to win every time. Being able to simply toss this in the washing machine without needing to worry about all the other things, is worth the money by itself.

State & Liberty is currently sticking to just a few different items in their webstore, but offer a lot of different styles. Their shirts come in a wide range of colors (both bold and neutral), as well as solids, French cuffed, gingham, and checked varieties. They all seem to be able to toe the line between professional and “business casual” depending on the paired accessories. Speaking of accessories, they also sell pocket squares ($20) and a couple casual logo tees – which are an amazingly soft weekend option.

Company: State & Liberty (Facebook)

We are University of Michigan graduates who are on a mission to provide athletes a dress shirt with superior feel and a great fit. After being disappointed and frustrated with all other dress shirts on the market, we launched State & Liberty Clothing Company in January of 2015. By focusing on fit, feel and a professional look, we have created the best dress shirt on the market for the athletically built.

Off the rack dress shirts are built for the masses. We are making dress shirts for the athletically built without the costs and inconvenience of custom tailoring. With room in the shoulders, chest and arms along with a tailored waist and back darts, State & Liberty dress shirts reward those that have an athletic build. Our shirts provide a tailored fit that hugs the body and our fabric makes this fit comfortable.

In addition to our fit and fabric, our construction is top of the line. Each State & Liberty dress shirt is hand stitched and expertly crafted to provide a quality shirt that will stand the test of time. Our collars, cuffs and plackets have all been double fused with stiffening fabric.  We didn’t know what that meant when we started, but for you it means a strong, crisp appearance.

Product: The Brennan ($90)

Thank you to State & Liberty for sending us some sample items for testing. Our opinions are always independent and unbiased reviews of the products we receive.

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