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There are many corners a runner can cut when it comes to workout gear – cheaper shirts, uglier shorts, and maybe even some inexpensive accessories. But not the shoes. Never the shoes. And with so many options available, so many choices in not only brand but style, it’s hard to know where to start.

Under Armour, as I’ve mentioned in several other reviews, has made great strides in every way in regard to running gear and shoes in the last few years. I’ve always liked the look of their products, but the functionality has been excellent as well. Their latest shoes, the HOVR Mega 2 Clone shoes seem like a very unique venture and and I was absolutely thrilled to take them for a spin. As with other Under Armour shoes, you can download the UA MapMyRun app and connect to a chip in your shoe that will give you access to coaching and training plans.


We review a lot of running shoes here at Run Oregon. We find that shoes are a finicky thing to review, as peoples biokinetic body structure is something we compare to taste buds –  everyone has stuff that they prefer and that works for them, and also stuff that doesn’t. Basically, what may be great for us may not work for somebody else. Personally, there was a time when I could wear any kind of running shoe (aside from zero drop) and feel comfortable and supported. This has changed a little since I’ve gotten older, and I find myself gravitating to a few styles and brands that work best for me. But I know that what feels good on my feet is not necessarily going to feel good on yours. Thus, our reviews generally come with that disclaimer and we try to provide basic context while acknowledging match certain running shoes aren’t for everyone.


In a interesting and related way, Under Armour is attempting to create a shoe in the Mega 2 Clone that sort of bypasses that notion by creating a shoe with such a unique fit that it is said to be able to form to each and every runner. That’s a tall task to tackle, but absolutely a worthwhile one to attempt. UA explains that their clone technology supposedly forms specifically to each runners foot and locks it in for a smoother run. It is designed to constantly adapt and flex as you run a allowing for a secure fit and less rubbing.

I encourage you to read more about the tech of this on your own, as I’m not going to delve much into the science of it here.


As for the fit and function of the shoes, even though we continue to really like the shoes, I am not sure the lofty goals from the shoes were met. That’s nothing to be ashamed of however. The HOVR cushioning, as it has been with their other HOVR shoes, is really solid. I have always found it responsive and soft without being too bouncy. I found most of my challenges with the shoe to be the upper – which has actually been an adaptation from their work in the boxing and football sphere. It’s a pretty snug fit, and the woven structure does an admirable job at stretching, but I have felt a little cramped in most of my runs in them. It is not too tight to the point where it’s unwearable (far from it), but thinking about compression on your feet while running is not exactly ideal. Working these into lower mileage runs have been where I have found this – which when coupled with their heavier weight isn’t always ideal.

I also found the front of the foot to be relatively narrow. I have relatively average to slim feet (never even come close to needing wide shoes), but whether it was the upper or just a narrow footprint, things have felt a little cramped up front.

Honestly, I have actually started transitioning these to being used while doing cross training and weightlifting in the garage and really like them in that setting. Their padding and protection, and secure fit, perform very admirably in this setting.

Overall, keep in mind that every foot is different so don’t necessarily completely disregard these off the bat. If you are looking for a cool looking and technologically sound and supportive shoe on the tight side, these may be right up your alley.



Products & Price:


  • Offset: 8mm (32 mm heel / 24 mm forefoot )
  • Weight: Men’s 9: 10.9 oz / Women’s 7: 9.3 oz

More about Under Armour HOVR Mega 2 Clone:

Less is more – until you’ve tried UA HOVR – Under Armour’s unparalleled cushioning system that has runners wanting MORE. The UA HOVR Mega 2 Clone, the newest member of the UA HOVR running shoe family, offers maximum cushioning for ultimate cruise-control comfort. With 32mm stack height, the new UA HOVR Mega 2 Clone is for the runner who wants the most protection for their training.

Thank you to Under Armour for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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