The Chaco Revel slipper is pre- and post-race perfection


The fleece-lined felted uppers look great and operate more like a shoe than nearly any other slipper I have worn. The gender-specific, and removeable footbed (called their LUVSEAT EVA) is made with a recycled polyester sockliner. The textured rubber sole has 2mm lugs and provides ideal strength and support and allows you to run out to the garbage or mail in the rain without being destroyed.

They have a cool kickdown heel that makes them easy to wear hands free. I think these may be more constructed as a way to easily kick them off and transition from slipper to snow boot (and vice versa) but I think the same sort of thing could apply with going from slipper to running shoe and back again. I know I have used it many times – as it’s nice to just be able to toss them on and wear them hands-free until there is time to flip them back up. My other slippers definitely do NOT allow for this. It’s really a simple construction modification that you don’t really realize how awesome it is until you try it.


As mentioned above, the fleece-lined felted uppers of the Revel are really stylish, and the overall vibe of the shoe screams more casual shoe than it does slipper. They come in two color styles for men and three for women, and all of them have sort of a muted color style (light grey/dark grey/brown) that pairs well with anything and doesn’t go over the top. I have actually worn the Revel’s out a couple times with a pair of jeans and it looks completely normal.

On that note, wearing slippers in public is vastly underrated.



I would have to agree with Chaco’s descriptor of the Revels – they are a nice balance of cozy and comfortable.

While they are definitely functional, they are also comfortable enough to wear while kicking back in front of the fireplace and sipping on some wine after a long day. I literally can’t wait to slip these on after my runs – and I highly anticipate loading these into my car for immediate post-race relief.



The Revel’s do run around $75, but they are definitely worth it if you are on the fence. $75 now to keep your feet healthy will pale in comparison to the monetary cost therapy/PT if your feet get injured, or the mental cost of running uncomfortably due to foot fatigue.

If you wear slippers a lot, want some footwear that can be worn in a variety of settings, or just need to do a better job at keeping your feet supported, I highly recommend Chaco. They have a few different stylings available, so if the Revel’s aren’t your style, make sure you check out their other options.

Company: Chaco (Facebook | Instagram)


More About Chaco:

In 1989, a Colorado rafting guide had a vision: To create the ultimate footwear for outdoor adventures in and out of water. He gave it a symbol — the gecko — because of their ability to adapt and thrive in nearly any environment. Then he gave it a name, Chaco.

Thank you to Chaco for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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