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Socks are hard to review. They are something that everybody needs, especially if you’re a runner, but how many things can you say about socks? Sometimes, we only talk about them, again as runners, when they are BAD. By bad, I mean they have seams that rub our feet wrong, they cause blisters, they itch, or they don’t stay up. I can think of one instance where a runner friend had her no-show socks falling down from the walk in the parking lot to the race start, and it was bad enough that she stripped them off and ran the race without ANY socks and ended up with shoes full of blood. And that’s where socks get VERY important.

Incylence socks don’t do any of the bad things mentioned above. We received a few pairs of Incylence running socks:

I mention the materials in parenthesis only because it’s worth noting that these socks are butter soft. These don’t feel like cotton, and running socks shouldn’t, but even better than that, these feel silky smooth going on, and it’s a great way to pamper your feet before the miles beat them up.

The lynx, which is the logo for Incylence, represents the “hunters of perfect products, just as our community are hunters of their goals. The lynx is a brave and fearless hunter, and a wonderful and unique symbol for the company as it represents athletes who exercise not for the spotlight but for the love of exercise and do so “in silence.”

All of the yarns on Incylence products are made in Italy. The running socks, made of Microlon, are dope-dyed, which is an environmentally focused process that reduces water and dyestuff consumption, as well as chemical usage as much as possible. The colors, additionally, are long-lasting and more UV resistant than many other brands. This sometimes means offering less color options, but the mission is more important. Even the bags that the socks are shipped in are made from 30% grass and 70% recycled paper.

The Ultralight socks are incredibly breathable, and the moisture wicking properties on my sweaty summer feet have certainly been put to the challenge. The Dryarn found in the Ultralight socks is 34% lighter than Polyester, and they are an absolute dream. In addition to feeling good, the microfiber doesn’t dampen with sweat, and they stay light and cool. In addition to this, the Dryarn material holds it’s shape well, even after washing.  We also love the style of the socks we were sent, with a contrasting pattern on each sock. This brand likes to use geometric elements in their design like lines and dots.

The Running Levels socks, though not including the Ultralight in name, were very similar in feel. They were a little heavier than the Ultralight, but honestly not by much. They had the same great feel to touch and on our feet.

Incylence takes every part of the foot into account with their design. The underfoot area of the socks are strengthened both on the heel and at the toes, and they are built to be durable. The extra padding at the heel and toe of the socks make these feel extra very secure and the double layered cuff heads off the sweat before collecting into the shoe. The nice, secure, and tight fit means you won’t have any slippage. The instep has some breathable mesh sections and the midfoot area has extra compression where you need it. There’s some additional cushioning for the Achilles tendon and heel, plus a reinforced toe box. In other words, this sock has thought of everything.

It’s worth noting that if you are between two sizes when you are selecting your Incylence Running socks, it’s probably better to err on the side of choosing the smaller one. They are snug, but it feels like a hug on your feet.

So here’s to yet another sock review.. give the Incylence a try. You really will notice the difference.


Products & Price:

Incylence Running Levels (€18,00 or ~$22.21)

  • Microlon® – durable | lightweight | isolating | breathable | hygienic | environmentally friendly
  • Double layered cuff absorbs moisture efficiently
  • Compression for improved blood circulation
  • Perfect fit
  • 56% Polyamide Microlon®, 39% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

Incylence Ultralight (€18,00 or ~$22.21)

  • Dryarn® – durable | light | heat-insulating | breathable | hygienic | environmentally friendly
  • Double layered cuff absorbs moisture efficiently
  • Compression for improved blood circulation
  • Perfect fit
  • 50% Polyamide, 45% Polypropylene Dryarn®, 5% Elastane

More about Incylence:

The mission statement was formulated before the very first sample and is setting the tone till today:

We create high performance sport socks, unmatched in style and identity. For those who get out early and return late. For those who grind in the dark to shine in the light. For those who repeat and repeat and repeat.

Your motivation is our driving force and the passion we put into every product should be recognized by our customers. From yarns to every single feature, different designs and multiple color combinations: every step of the process is deeply thought out, planned and driven by ambition and intuition.

Thank you to Incylence for providing us with sample pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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