Looking for Cross Training? Give Zoom Classes a Try

It’s about this time of year when I start to look for ways to improve my fitness without spending as much time outside. I hate the treadmill, so usually I go to one or two group classes a week. This year, though, is different – thanks to COVID-19.

My favorite place to work out is a home-based garage gym called T’s Garage Fitness. Located in Beaverton near Sexton Mountain Elementary, T’s offered multiple classes each weekday. But last March that all changed: there were no classes. Tonya Robson, her studio manager Dana Butterly, and her team of dedicated instructors adapted quickly and started offering Zoom classes.

At first, I resisted. I was doing fine during the warm-weather months with logging 25-30 miles per week in place of a schedule of alternating run/cross-training days. But then came the dark evenings, the rain, and the cold weather, and with it came a reduction in miles.

Finally I caved. I signed up for a barre class through T’s and pushed the dining room table to the wall. I organized my yoga mat and hand weights, poured a glass of water, and had a great time. It was just as hard – it was my usual teacher for barre, and I had gone on a very regular basis so I knew all the “moves” (or my interpretation of them) – but it was a great workout.

T's Garage Fitness friends

When we’re not in a Pandemic, T’s Garage is a place to enjoy fitness with other awesome people.

I’ve been doing about two classes a week – barre and mat circuit – since November and now I really look forward to these Zoom classes each week. I’m running much less – I row three mornings a week in addition to the Zoom classes, and just run a few evenings and on the weekend – but I feel stronger and more balanced. There are other benefits, too. I get to see and work out “with” others, I don’t have to plan ahead for a water bottle and clothes to put on after class, I don’t have to drive anywhere and therefore can get up only 20 minutes before class, so it takes less time out of my day – and, maybe best of all, my kids get to see my commitment to my fitness.

If you are a member of a gym, check out their Zoom classes. If you don’t have any favorites, try out the MindBody app to look for classes you might like (you can check out reviews, too). And if you’re interested in giving T’s Garage Fitness a try – visit the website here and see what your options are. Join me in a Zoom class and start rounding out your routine as we head into longer days and more comfortable running weather!

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