Check out the new Prefontaine documentary – “Pre’s People” – January 25th!

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We all know Steve Prefontaine. My guess is that many of us have ran on Pre’s Trail in Eugene and pilgrimaged to Pre’s Rock. But what do you know about Pre growing up in the small coastal town of Coos Bay? Find out on January 25th (Pre’s birthday) with a new documentary available to buy or rent through a Pre’s People Movie. Here’s more about the doc:

“PRE’S PEOPLE” is a documentary film about America’s legendary distance runner Steve Prefontaine, as seen through the eyes of his faithful fans.

The film started production in 2011. Over the years producers Brad Jenkins and Travis Johnson interviewed more than 50 of Pre’s coaches, teammates, competitors, friends and fans; plus acquired new film footage and never published before photographs of the iconic runner. Some of the documentary features exclusive interviews with Pre’s track and cross-country coaches at Marshfield, including new insights to his grueling training regiment.

Coach Phil Pursian recalled, “Pre’s mental toughness developed out of the workouts that we did. He enjoyed challenges. He enjoyed (running up) sand dunes. Most of the intimidation would come in the race itself. He’d set a pace that would scare you to death.”

Pre’s childhood surroundings growing up in the blue-collar fishing and lumber town of Coos Bay was perhaps the foundation of his toughness.

Executive Producer Travis Johnson said, “We wanted to explore deeper into what it was about Coos Bay, the small town on Oregon’s rugged coast, that helped shape Pre. The hills, sand dunes, wind and rain not only made him physically strong, but also mentally. It’s our objective to keep Pre’s lessons alive to inspire future athletes.”

A portion of the proceeds will go to Pre’s alma mater, Marshfield High School’s track and cross country programs.

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