The importance of shopping local for your running needs

Hey – have you heard!? We are in the midst of a global pandemic?!?

That’s about as obvious a statement nowadays, but we wanted to remind you of that fact (not that you probably needed reminding). As the spouse of a small business owner myself, there has been a lot of struggles this year with closures, changing requirements, and concerns for what the future holds. The one thing that has remained a shining light is the commitment from clients/customers/supporters to keep up our spirits and bolster our business.

That’s why we wanted to do a little reminder post that, as runners, we can do the same with our favorite local running stores. Yes, it’s “easy” to hop on a website in your sweatpants (who even dresses up anymore?), but our running shops really need us right now. We don’t want to sit back a year from now and only be able to offer up that “it’s a shame XXX running store doesn’t exist anymore“, when we didn’t do anything ourselves to help support it!

We reached out to as many shops as we could find and received some feedback:

Foot Traffic is the Pacific Northwest’s #1 destination for runners and walkers. With our new online store for running shoes and 4 retail running stores in Portland (NE Portland, Sellwood, Downtown & Cedar Mill) and our newest running store in Vancouver, WA,

Foot Traffic (Portland):

Shopping local is safer, more fun, better for your community, and good for your neighbors! A few reasons for folks to stay local:

  • We ALWAYS have discounts for students as well as local clubs and memberships.
  • We have a full (actually expanded!) selection online for shipping or local pick up.
  • Sometimes people forget that Foot Traffic is locally owned and founded. We are not a franchise. We started here and we support our community!
  • We donate tens of thousands of dollars every year to charities, schools, and local organizations.
  • We are the only shop to offer low and zero cost youth programs that create access across all socioeconomic backgrounds. We’ve done this for 20 years!

Founded in 1997, Gallagher Fitness Resources (GFR) is the hub of the local running and walking community. We are located in vibrant downtown Salem, Oregon. Salem’s only specialty running store, we offer expert advice and the best selection of new running and walking products in the region. Shop with us. We will fit you properly with shoes and other gear. Make your next run or walk more enjoyable.

Gallagher Fitness (Salem):

Shopping local gives back to the community and helps the local economy stay strong. Shopping local supports the businesses that support local schools, churches, non-profits and various sporting events.

People, generally, have gotten used to being at home and ordering on-line.  Also, respectfully due to circumstances, some are still fearful of getting out.  And with so many running events cancelled, many runners are less motivated to get out and train consistently.  Races really give people that extra incentive to train because they want to do well and are motivated by goals. Plus, they love the social aspects of participating in a race and then socializing more afterwards with a meal, beverage, etc.

Here’s what we, Gallagher Fitness Resources, did when local restaurants were forced to discontinue indoor seating. We purchased twenty $20 gift cards from each of five local restaurants we’ve partnered with over the years. We raffled them off to our customers so the money stays local and supports those businesses that are really struggling due to the restrictions. Our customers loved the idea, and the local restaurants appreciated the extra support.  It’s all about local.

At Portland Running Company we’ve long set ourselves the goal of being the best technical running and walking store in the Pacific Northwest. For us, there truly is no finish line. We’ll never stop setting the bar higher with our selection, our knowledge, most of all, our service.

Portland Running Company: 

At Portland Running Company, we feel it is very important to focus on the fact that shopping locally does not mean you have to compromise on service, quality, or convenience. Portland Running Company has adapted to the times by refining our webstore selection and processes, and we have streamlined our in-store services so that they are seamless, efficient, and affordable. We stock a huge assortment of items so that in-store customers are able to get fitted, and to walk out the door that day with excellent equipment. Local online shoppers can actually get the items they want within 24hrs of ordering with curbside pick up, or convenient delivery.

I think shopping locally is a noble endeavor that is full of intrinsic rewards but as local businesses, we need to strive to not only promote our “local-ness,” but also to be THE BEST.  Shopping locally may take a little extra effort but the result will be that your dollars will support your fellow residents as business owners, employees, manufacturers, and runners!

As a local business owner, it is my job to incentivize shopping locally with something beyond the feel-good notion of simply keeping your dollars local- Community is extremely important to us and we are working every single day to offer the best services and products, and to deliver our products in the most competitive and affordable way possible. We are the experts when it comes to running in Portland so, if you live in the area, you can get THE BEST…and keep it local at the same time.

In addition to these above, we recommend finding your local running store. Here are just a few more:

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Matt Rasmussen lives in Keizer, Ore. with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys watching hockey, going to as many breweries (618) and wineries (152) as he can, and all things Canada (he was born there). Matt was raised as a baseball player and officially transitioned over to running in 2010.

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