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Until I ran my first marathon, I really never paid attention to recovery. Running a 5k here and there, even a few half marathons, I never saw the need. I never made time for it. In all honestly, I would rather just run the pain and soreness out. Fast forwarding to today, my training plans always include something with recovery (in fact, recovery happens several times a week).

I have found that using products to help speed recovery, has made my training more efficient and have seen the results in my splits and overall race times. I have been able to not only meet my goals, but exceed them. A major reason, is due to recovery. I highly recommend anyone who is training for a big race, recovering from an injury or even someone who is maintaining their running load to embrace the recovery.

One product I have been using regularly is Muscle Butter recovery and relief balm. I use this before my long runs to mitigate muscle soreness, ultimately increasing my recovery time. I also use this product after workouts, especially behind my left knee (seldom does my knee stiffen and swell, but when it does, muscle butter does the trick for pain and relief). This product also works well on injuries, to treat pain and promote a full recovery.

Muscle Butter was created to help people keep moving. The creators are adventurers, go-getters and athletes who saw a need to create a balm that primarily used Arnica. For those that don’t know about arnica, it is an all natural anti-inflammatory remedy coming from Mountain Daisies. This remedy has been used for millennia all over the world, helping to fight pain, reduce inflammation and speed up recover. The problem was, that most balms with arnica only had a very small percentage. There was also nothing on the market that was all natural. The products on the market were actually the opposite, and loaded with unnecessary chemicals and preservatives. Finally, after 5 years in the making Muscle Butter was born!

What I love about Muscle Butter is the ingredients. This is really what drew me to the product. It has only 6 ingredients, Arnica, olive oil, mct oil, soybean oil, vitamin E and an essential oil blend. They also use fair trade oils and sustainable materials. I really love that it is also made in the USA. Another reason I can really stand behind this product is the way it speeds up my recovery. I can miles and miles and not be sore the next day. It truly is a magical balm.



  • $48 for single (30 ml)
  • They are also running a sale on their double ($84 – reg. $96) and triple packs ($109 – reg. $144)

More about Muscle Butter:

We’re adventurers, go-getters, and athletes. Just like you, we make an effort to push ourselves a little harder and a little further than everyone else. Our passions include biking, kite surfing, CrossFit, yoga, and snowboarding. For decades, we’ve been pursuing the best that life has to offer.

Part of that pursuit is the occasional speed bump. Soreness, bruising, injuries, and the general wear and tear of our bodies might run us off the road from time to time. But we’ve never given into it. We’ve always done whatever we could to Keep Moving.


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