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Race Preview: 2020 Turkeython (virtual)

Ah, the good old Turkeython! This would be its 10th year, but as with so much of this year, it has to yield to the reality of full-blown pandemic. Uberthons has been moving its signature races to the virtual format, and the Turkeython is no exception.

Here’s the deal: you sign up and register, run a virtual race of 2.5, 5, or 10 km at any time in the month of November, submit your result, and get your race medal shipped free. You also get an entry into the costume contest, and “there will be more than one winner.”

You may be wondering, what design is the race medal? It’s a medal of a nutcracker, and you can choose the color scheme from red, blue, or yellow.

It won’t be the same as running the live Turkeython, but Uberthons is making the virtual experience as close as you can (short of having a Zoom set-up, I guess, but who really wants that???).



When: the entire month of November

Where: wherever you are

Register: Online here ($23 for registration; includes shipping of race medal)

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