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Run Oregon receives and tests running stuff from time to time. We were sent some socks from Feetures Read on for their take on the products. 

As someone who is consistently spending money on new running shoes every few months due to high mileage, I was once ashamedly a tight wad when it comes to dishing out money for decent running socks or actual running socks for that matter. After getting the opportunity to try out a variety of socks over the years, I am definitely a convert. The latest update to Feetures‘ Elite socks are the Tempo collection, which brings some cool new colors to introduce into to your Fall runs. This new collection has all the same qualities runners have come to depend on Feetures socks for, such as a solid fit, no seams on the toes, and moisture-wicking properties.

I am really liking the new crew styles and is absolutely holding up great runs. I have worn these socks on a handful of varying distances and they do not disappoint. They are super comfortable, cushioned in just the right spots. The socks are labeled with either an “L” or an “R” so they fit each foot just perfectly; I have to say that I truly appreciate that extra attention to detail. During my runs I experienced no slipping or irritations and I concluded each run with dry, blister free feet. I even wore the crews on an 8 mile hike that included rough, hilly terrain, and these socks, even when worn with thick hiking boots, did not slip one bit. The cushion of the socks provided essential support, especially during all the downhill portions of the hike.

Each pair runs around $16.

Some more cool information showcased that coming  this Fall, the Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab sock will feature 74% Repreve recycled poly fibers – a true testament to sustainability underscoring Feetures’ continued commitment to sustainable practices. This style will be the first (and only) out of the gate, but Feetures is expected to to incorporate this material into other styles as well.

Feetures offers multiple different types of sock options, as well as a variety of cushion choices while also coming in a wide selection of colors, and sock heights. For those unsure of which sock option to go with, Feetures gives a brief description for each that can be found here.

Thank you to Feetures for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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