Homeschooling this year? Check out Healthy Kids Running Series to satisfy that PE class (Press Release)


In an effort to keep young children healthy and active while homeschooling, Healthy Kids Running Series is expanding its outdoor five-week fall Series and offering a world-wide Virtual World Race alternative, beginning Sunday, September 27 at In addition, all participants will receive the new “I Am A Healthy Kid” interactive guide featuring 42 lessons over seven weeks, designed exclusively to teach and inspire children and their parents to remain active while social distancing.

Healthy Kids Running Series is a national inclusive and fun youth running experience for children ages two to 14.

Virtual World Race participants will run their age-appropriate distance at their own pace once a week for five consecutive weeks. Parents/guardians will track and record the results. Following the child’s completion of running their distance each week, parents/guardians will upload their child’s time to the Virtual World Race Results Sheet.

“Many families with children are still home dealing with virtual schooling and we want to encourage and inspire them to live an active and healthy lifestyle while continuing to observe social distancing,” said Jeff Long, Founder, Healthy Kids Running Series. “We heard from numerous parents after the spring Series asking for more engagement, health and fitness tips, and the ability to create meaningful relationships with other families.”

Compounded by so much virtual schooling, the concept of living an active healthy lifestyle or what the organization calls the “Healthy Kids Lifestyle” is even more important in today’s unexpected virtual environment.

“We created our ‘I Am A Healthy Kid’ interactive guide based on feedback, to instill the Healthy Kids Lifestyle, which focuses on being active and being healthy,” added Long. “With so many children in front of their screens all day for at-home schooling, we want to be the reason and answer for getting up and moving.  PE Teachers are already using our guide as one solution.”

Healthy Kids Running Series hopes to attract interest from national educators who want to adopt the “I Am A Healthy Kid” principles into their curriculum.

“Our goal remains to keep kids active and healthy, and we would be honored if more schools or educators add our program to their curriculum and join us on our mission,” added Long.

The Healthy Kids World Race is a five-week program beginning on Sunday, September 27 with age-appropriate race distances for children between two years of age and 14. Kids compete each week on a course of their choosing, and at the end of the Series, when appropriate, participants will be invited to a “Medal & T-Shirt Pickup” event. Registration is $35 for the virtual five-week Series.

Before launching its 2020 spring season, Healthy Kids Running Series quickly pivoted its in-person racing series across the United States, converting it into a 100-percent virtual series, which eventually attracted participants from Italy, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

The Healthy Kids Running Series impacts more than 60,000 youth runners in more than 300 communities across the United States. Healthy Kids Running Series serves communities and families by providing an inclusive youth running experience, inspiring kids to believe in themselves and lead an active healthy lifestyle. Learn more at

According to Healthy Kids Running Series, their hope for adding the “I Am A Healthy Kid” interactive guide is to:

  • Increase Value – included with registration, parents – especially virtual participants will be able to follow along at home daily, or a few times a week in addition to their Sunday races.
  • Access to Schools – Opportunity for PE Teachers to Implement into School Districts
  • Increased Engagement – ability to engage participants on a new level, encouraging the family, community, and connective values beyond the race day.
  • Education – opportunity to engage with runners pre-season but also post-season based on teachings and lessons learned.
  • Marketing Tool – promotion of program guide goes hand-in-hand with race day; increasing registration potential for all race types (in-person, virtual, world race)
  • Growth Opportunities – spin-offs are already being discussed; video series, video trainers, continuing education on Zoom, etc.
  • Potential Partnership Opportunities – opening doors to new forms of partnerships and alliances to co-educate, train, and teach the Healthy Kids Lifestyle.
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