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Nikki Says: I was first introduced to Swiftwick socks when I received a pair after an ORRC race. They have since become one of my favorite pairs of socks, not just for running but for everything. They come in many styles and colors for a variety of activities, such as running, cycling, golf, and everyday. They are made in the USA, extremely durable, and by a company that cares very much about sustainability, making them to stand behind.

I got to try two no-show varieties from Swiftwick, the ASPIRE Zero No-Show in the Sky Blue Navy color, and the PURSUIT Zero No-Show in a black and gray color combo. I’m a big fan of no-show socks this time of year, and my biggest requirement is that they don’t fall down and disappear inside my shoe. Nothing is more annoying that having to stop your run to adjust your socks. In case you are wondering, this was NOT a problem I experienced with Swiftwick.

swiftwickThe ASPIRE socks had a buttery soft feel to and I could tell immediately that they were very breathable and of good quality. These socks have both a light cushion and Swiftwick’s highest level of compression, which is great for lots of time on my feet on a warm day. These socks are really thin but well-constructed with Swiftwick’s signature Olefin fiber, so there’s no worry about snagging them on anything. The heel is stitched with a Y shape that will give your foot a snug fit that prevents bunching and slippage. They are available in many styles and colors, so there are lots to choose from.

The PURSUIT socks are made with a natural Merino wool and one of the pairs I tested out was the tab version. This tab always provides me with piece of mind for some strange reason – I’m not as worried about them slipping for some reason (plus the tab helps you pull them on). What I love about these socks is that the wool is great for wicking moisture and keeping your feet dry, but they don’t get at all hot. The toes of the sock are seamless which means there is no friction or irritation. These are the perfect socks for runs in the summer as well as the winter. They are lightweight, breathable, and very durable with a reinforced heel and toe. The PURSUIT socks are an all season sock, which means that in addition to many length options, there are varieties of run, bike, hike, and even business socks. Super cool.

Kelly Says: I got to try out the Pursuit 7, an “ultralight cushion” sock made from Merino wool and super-duper soft. They are available in all cuff heights, so you can get them in whatever style you prefer. I have been searching for some slightly higher socks to wear when I ride my bike and for winter runs when I’m wearing long tights, so I tried the crew height and I like the compression level on the ankle.Swiftwick Pursuit 7

What is most notable about these socks is the seam on the toes. In this picture, just above the “Swiftwick” logo, there is a dark grey band and then a lighter grey over the toes. Between them is a barely-visible seam that is completely flush with the other parts of the sock. You can’t even feel it when you run your finger over it! This, for me, is really important because if your socks are uncomfortable or create hot spots, your whole run is basically ruined. This flat seam is absolutely wonderful. It also allows you to pull the sock on to where it fits your foot better; you don’t have to worry about it hitting your shoe at a weird angle that will be uncomfortable. The same technology is used on the seam around the heel.

These socks are remarkably comfortable for how thin they are. You’ll want to give them a try in both wet and hot weather, too. Merino wool does very well when wet (especially compared to cotton!) and I thought there was good air flow so my feet didn’t get uncomfortably sweaty when it was hot out.

Also vital for a crew-height sock is whether or not they stay up; these lasted on a long bike ride and a short run. I haven’t tested them with long tights yet but they are quite thin so I think they’ll work great for that as well!

Kate Says:


I tried the ASPIRE Zero No Show in Sky Blue Navy color and VISION Six Sprint in Gray color. Both styles were comfortable and attractive, and they are welcome additions to my footwear rotation.

In the summertime, tan lines are inevitable for runners, but ASPIRE Zero No Show at least give us a fighting chance. These socks stayed out of sights without slipping, thanks to the higher level of compression. The fabric is light and thin, and on an 8-mile run on paved neighborhood streets, I didn’t think about my socks at all – truly the highest compliment a runner can give.

VISION socks are advertised for cycling, but I found them to be a great option for trail running or hiking. As someone who overheats easily, keeping my feet cool and dry can be a challenge. Fortunately, the fabric on these socks wicked away sweat so I did not have any problems. Compression levels are slightly more relaxed than ASPIRE, but there’s a bit more cushioning – a combination that felt fantastic while hiking in Forest Park. The taller height protected my ankles from dirt and debris, and the bright rainbow colors were a fun addition to an otherwise utilitarian sock. These are definitely becoming a trail favorite!


Products & Price:

  • PURSUIT Zero No Show (Ultra Light Cushion) ($16.99) – Find it on Amazon here 
    • Improved durability with high tenacity fibers in abrasion prone areas
    • Versatile mid-cushion option delivers lasting comfort and performance
    • Soft, natural Merino Wool
    • 66% Merino Wool / 32% Nylon / 2% Spandex
  • ASPIRE Zero No Show ($14.99) – Find it on Amazon here
    • Thin profile with light cushion
    • Channeled upper improves breathability
    • Lightweight Olefin fiber wicks moisture and dries quickly
    • 55% Nylon / 40% Olefin / 5% Spandex
  • VISION Six Sprint ($19.99) – not available on Amazon
    • Cuff hight hits at the low calf
    • Medium compression and cushoining
    • 74% Nylon / 17% Olefin / 9% Spandex

More about Swiftwick (from their website):

COMMITMENT: We commit to providing the best socks you will ever wear, sustainably produced in the USA.

BEST SOCKS: Best socks ever. Guaranteed. We are committed to providing each customer the best experience possible. If you are unsatisfied with a Swiftwick product, reach out to us and we will take care of you.

SUSTAINABILITY: We produce durable products that last, manufacturing in the USA to reduce garment miles, choosing materials and processes that minimize waste and energy consumption.

MADE IN USA: We craft higher quality products with cutting-edge technologies and a greater focus on sustainability – and it creates a larger impact on our local communities.

Thank you to Swiftwick for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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